The 7 K-Pop Song Line Distributions That Anger Fans The Most

What was the logic behind these distributions?

Line distributions can be a controversial subject among K-Pop fans, especially when a song’s distribution between members is considered uneven or unfair. There are a number of K-Pop songs where a member might only have one small line, or even worse, no lines at all for unknown reasons. Recently, a post was made on Reddit for fans to share which line distributions make them the most angry, and these were seven of their top answers.

1. “Happily Ever After” by TXT


3. “Spring Day” by BTS

4. “We Fresh” by Kep1er

5. “Hi High” by LOONA

6. “HWAA” by (G)I-DLE

7. “Stuck in the Middle” by BABYMONSTER

Source: Reddit