15 K-Pop Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Are Actually Remakes Of Other Songs

These artists put their own spins own some classics.

1. BTS‘s “Coffee”

Urban Zakapa released “Drinking Coffee” in 2011 and the song was a big hit with fans.


Then, in 2013, BTS decided to cover the song and released their own version!


2. Taeyeon‘s “Atlantis Princess”

The original song by the same name was sung by BoA in 2003.


13 years later, Taeyeon remade this song as one of her first activities as the official face of the mobile MMORPG Sword and Magic.

The track was used as an advertisement for the game and she sang “Atlantis Princess” at various venues to promote the game.


3. Oh My Girl‘s “Listen To My Word (A-ing)”

In 2000, the girl group Papaya released “Listen To My Word”. The song was cute and well-loved upon its release.


In 2016, Oh My Girl decided to remake the song and put their own unique twist on it.

Their track featured Skull and Haha, as well as a reggae vibe that proved just right for its summertime release.


4. Red Velvet‘s “Be Natural”

The original song received a lot of love when it was released in 2000 by S.E.S.


Seulgi and Irene were fans of the song and had previously performed it when they were still a part of SMROOKIES. So it shouldn’t have been a big surprise when Red Velvet announced they were doing a remake of the song in 2014!


5. Girls’ Generation‘s “Girls’ Generation”

Lee Sung Chul‘s hit “Girls’ Generation” has been covered by various artists since its release in 1989.


While it seems pretty obvious that Girls’ Generation should sing a song called “Girls’ Generation”, some fans may not know that the group’s name was actually derived from the song!


6. SUPER JUNIOR‘s “Happiness”

H.O.T released the bubbly and cheerful “Happiness” in 1997.


Then, in 2007, their labelmates Super Junior decided the song needed to be brought back into the spotlight and made their own version!


7. BIGBANG‘s “Sunset Glow”

Lee Moon Sae released his “Sunset Glow” back in 1988.


In 2008, BIGBANG released their own version of the song after receiving the go-ahead from Lee Moon Sae himself! G-Dragon even paid homage to the original singer by including his name in the rap.

Lee Moon Sae even once admitted that he often performs the BIGBANG remake to get younger audience members more engaged in his show!


8. f(x)‘s “Hot Summer”

German girl group Monrose released the catchy “Hot Summer” in 2007.


At first, many fans were a bit skeptical and wary when SM Entertainment announced f(x) would be doing a cover of the song in 2011.

But the girls managed to pull it off and many fans consider it to be one of the best remakes of a western song.


9. VIXX‘s “Love Equation”

In 1995 R.ef released “Farewell Formula”, which soon became one of their most popular songs.


Fast forward to 2015 and VIXX released their own unique interpretation of the song titled “Love Equation”.


10. I.O.I‘s “Whatta Man”

If you listened to I.O.I‘s “Whatta Man” and could have sworn you had heard the song before, you were right!

The song is a remake of Salt-N-Pepa‘s 1993 classic by the same name!


But some people may not be aware that Salt-N-Pepa’s version is actually a remake of Linda Lyndell‘s 1968 record-charting song “What a Man”.


While this song has certainly seen its fair share of remakes, no one can forget I.O.I’s K-Pop version!


11. IU‘s “My Old Story”

When Cho Deok Bae released “My Old Story” in 1984, the song quickly became a success.


Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Korea’s sweetheart decided to remake the song!

Her song leaves older generations feeling nostalgic while introducing the classic to the younger.


12. Girls’ Generation‘s “Dancing Queen”

Duffy released her worldwide chart-topping hit “Mercy” in 2008.


Four years later, Girls’ Generation was topping charts with their remake!

The song peaked on the Gaon Chart as well as hitting number two on Korea K-Pop Hot 100.


13. T-ARA‘s “Round and Round”

Nami‘s 1985 song fit the time period very well with its spunky and fun vibe.


Meanwhile, T-ARA‘s 2012 version sounds quite similar to Nami’s original but with a modern edge to fit the era.


14. BoA‘s “Spark”

Luis Fonsi first released his lively “Keep My Cool” in 2002.


Two years later, BoA would add her own spin and a little K-Pop flare to the song.


15. SHINee‘s “Hello”

The funky beat and sweet lyrics were originally introduced in Mohamed Ali‘s 2009 song “Holla”.


A year later, SHINee would create an equally sweet video to match the song and bring smiles to Shawols’ faces with the catchy tune.