These Are The Line Distributions Of The 17 Most-Liked Boy Group K-Pop Songs Of 2020

Some of these songs’ lines were incredibly even!

We just took a look at the line distributions for the 17 most-liked K-Pop girl group songs of the year, and now it’s the boys’ turn!

There were both new and old K-Pop groups that were really well-received this year, and it’s interesting to see how evenly (or unevenly) the lines were distributed between members for these highly popular songs of 2020.

Here are the line distributions of the 17 most-liked K-Pop boy group songs of the year!


16. “Ridin'” by NCT Dream

15. “Puma” by TXT

14. “Not by the Moon” by GOT7

13. “Given-Taken” by ENHYPEN

12. “Kick It” by NCT 127

11. “Make a Wish (Birthday Song)” by NCT U

10. “Can’t You See Me?” by TXT

9. “Blue Hour” by TXT

8. “Back Door” by Stray Kids

7. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

6. “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” by BTS

5. “Black Swan” by BTS

4. “Stay Gold” by BTS

3. “ON” by BTS

2. “Life Goes On” by BTS

1. “Dynamite” by BTS