10+ K-Pop Songs You Didn’t Know Referenced Other K-Pop Songs

Did you catch all these hidden references?

Sometimes K-Pop artists get a little sneaky and add hidden references into their work. Whether it’s a specific choreography part, a reference to their own song in their lyrics, or even a nod to a different group’s iconic hit, here are a few of K-Pop songs that hold a special reference to another K-Pop song in them!


1. NCT DREAM’s “We Go Up”

It might have been a sweet NCT DREAM sendoff for Mark or just a nod at the fact that the members are growing up…


But the group referenced their debut song “Chewing Gum” with the lyrics, “The sweet bubblegum is chewed up now.”


2. TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH”

When we first catch a glimpse of Jihyo in “Like OOH-AHH” she sings the line, “Some people ask ‘Who’s your mama?‘”


Which just so happens to be a nod at J.Y. Park‘s 2015 hit “Who’s Your Mama?” And it looks like the zombies on the treadmills weren’t just a coincidence either!


3. Hyuna’s “Roll Deep”

If Hyuna‘s “Roll Deep” wasn’t already iconic enough as it was, the reference to another of her hits holds a special place in fans hearts.


In the song, Hyuna brings back memories of her 2014 bop “Red” when she raps, “You’ve heard it, it’s Red.”


4. BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire”

We all know that YG Entertainment artists love to throw little references and nods to their fellow artists YG Entertainment artists in their work.


So when BLACKPINK included a tribute to BIGBANG in “Playing With Fire” everyone thought it was incredibly sweet! During Lisa‘s rap section she spouts off the opening line to G-Dragon‘s “Black”!


5. iKON’s “Bling Bling”

Speaking of group’s that gave a nod to the Nation’s Boy Group, iKON also got in on the action with one reference you might just kick yourself over for not catching!


Because, the group makes a direct reference to “Bang Bang Bang” by incorporating the line “All the girls now, get low now, tell me, let me know” from the song into their own!


6. EXID’s “Boy”

The group has a throw-back reference to “Night Rather Than Day” in “Boy”.


And it’s all thanks to the line, “Every day, at night rather than day!”


7. KARD “Hola Hola”

With point-choreography that seemed ridiculously familiar and some lyrical references too…


“Hola Hola” wasn’t fooling anybody with its nod at KARD‘s previous hit song “Oh NaNa”!


8. MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best”

With the line “Hey Mr. Ambiguous Piano Man that’s you” fans should know what MAMAMOO was referencing in “You’re The Best”.


And of course, that’s their songs “Mr. Ambiguous” and “Piano Man”!


9. BTOB’s “WOW”

BTOB gave a major nod to 4MINUTE when they introduced the famous “from your head to your toes, you are hot” line…


From, you guessed it, “Hot Issue”!


10. BTS’s “IDOL”

BTS loves to sneak references to their previous work in their songs and this one in “IDOL” is one of the best…


Since it ties right back to their “Anpanman” superhero hit!


11. NCT 127’s “Whiplash”

One of the most iconic lines in any NCT song, “and that’s a long ass ride” has been a fan favorite since they first heard it in “The 7th Sense”.


So of course, Mark had to bring it back again for “Whiplash”!


12. SEVENTEEN’s “Without You” and “Clap”

SEVENTEEN are known for incorporating parts of their key-point dances into their other songs and it’s always amazing! For instance, where “Don’t Wanna Cry” ends…


The choreography for “Without You” begins.


And where “Without You” ends…


“Clap” begins!


Bonus: SHINee’s “Spoiler”

SHINee‘s “Spoiler” is full of references to many of the group’s other songs. For starters, it starts off exactly the same as “Sherlock”! See how many other song references you can find in “Spoiler”!