7 K-Pop Songs That Have Fans Begging To “Let Them Say F***”


Swearing in K-Pop songs is something not often heard, at least in mainstream music. Swear words often create issues with broadcasting and streaming the song, which is why they’re usually replaced with something a little more PG. Still, there are several K-Pop songs that come so close to swearing, many fans wish they could just say it without issue! The topic was recently discussed on Reddit, and here are the 7 most popular instances of this.

1. “ON” by BTS

2. “Cold Blooded” by Jessi

3. “Savanna” by OnlyOneOf


5. “Glitch” by Eunbi

6. “Baby Don’t Like It” by NCT 127

7. “Lonely St.” by Stray Kids

Source: Reddit