Fans Decided: These Are The 20 Worst Lyrics In K-Pop Songs Ever

These are definitely all… Questionable.

Recently on Reddit, user u/Zypker125 created a poll for K-Pop fans to vote for what they believe are the worst lyrics ever found in K-Pop songs. With hundreds of votes tallied, the results of the poll have been determined! Here are the 20 worst K-Pop lyrics ever, based on these fan votes. The videos linked are timestamped at the lyrics mentioned!

20. “Boss” by NCT U

“Hot dog I feel like I wear goose goose.”

19. “Purr” by Kep1er & VIVIZ

“I got them boys lining up to feel my fur.”

18. “Throw Away” by RM

“Got an automatic d***, got an automatic stick, got an automatic.”

17. “Top Gang” by MCND

“I don’t pay, I don’t money, I don’t need a mustang.”

16. “Fanci” by GIRLKIND

“All my bad unnies, all my hood unnies.”

15. “Yum Yum Yum” by Lipservice

“Hamburger hamburger ham, hamburger hamburger ham, hamburger hambuger ham, hamburgers are delicious! Americano ‘merican, ‘mericano ‘merican, ‘mericano ‘merican, Americanos are delicious!”

14. “Mazeltov” by ZE:A

“Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl.”

13. “Night View” by MONSTA X

“If you’re curious to be sexy, just subtract why girl.”

12. “You Can’t Sit With Us” by Sunmi

“Mmm, I feel like I’m growlin’ (what?). Trippin’ now here (yeah). You said it’s love, well you’ve got a point (point!). Tell ’em you’ve found the only one who blew you up, yeah. Don’t call me honey ’cause I ain’t gon’ be no sweet girl.”

11. “Shopping Hall” by GOT7

“(It feels like shopping mall) You’re my, you’re my (My shopping mall) You’re my, you’re my.”

10. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez

“Snow cone chilly, get it free like Willy, in the jeans like Billie, you be poppin’ like a wheelie… Brr, brr, frozen, you’re the one been chosen, play the part like Moses, keep it fresh like roses (oh).”

9. “Money” by Lisa

“Drop some money, all this bread so yummy, yeah, Twerking, twerking when I buy the things I like, Dollar, dollars dropping on my ass tonight.”

8. “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas” by BTS

“Over here, poop poop poop. Over there, poop poop poop. This isn’t snow, it’s poop poop poop! Look at the sky, it’s raining white poop.”

7. “Step Back” by GOT the Beat

“Ayy, does doing that make him yours? Listen to me, there’s a lot more girls like you than you think.”

6. “LALISA” by Lisa

“Gonna catch a case, gun in my hand, bam bam bam. Hit after hit though, rocks on my wrist so they call me the flintstones.”

5. “O.O” by NMIXX

“Whook, whook ayy, look at that moving eye, eye see this? Shoog, shoog, shoog. Hook, get into me more, good zoom-zoom, good.”

4. “As If It’s Your Last” by BLACKPINK

“You gon’ finna catch me.”

3. “War of Hormone” by BTS

“Girls are like an equation, us guys just do them (yup). Wear them more, your high heels. I’m 18, I know what I need to know.”

2. “Wolf” by EXO

“Hey, just bite her, then shake her so she’ll lose her conscious.”

1. “Mission” by JYJ

“Probably your money is unpublic, Try to save my life like a puppy and cream, another hot movie character, Bumblebee treat me like a slave and I pray. Is it Halloween, trick or treats oh please, don’t even try to pull my head own your way. Brand new person a man, so f*** off no more talk.”

Source: Reddit