20 K-Pop Songs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, it’s time to deck the halls!

Joy to the world, it’s that time of year again! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or something else this season we all know that its the perfect time to dust off your holiday playlist. From classic covers to original compositions and even some songs that have a certain holiday feel (even if they aren’t really holiday songs), there are plenty of great tunes from your favorite artists that will put you right in the holiday season!


1. EXO — “Miracles in December”

This melancholy EXO song has been a favorite holiday tune among K-Pop fans since it was first released in 2013. Although it’s not as upbeat as a lot of other classic songs, it touches your heart and leaves you feeling absolutely peaceful. It’s a perfect addition to anyone’s playlist.


2. IU — Cover of D.ear’s “December 24th”

Of course, IU‘s sweet vocals would be perfect for a Christmas song! Like the original, IU’s cover of “December 24th” will touch your heart and keep you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside during the cold winter nights.


3. BTS — “Crystal Snow”

Although this song is a Japanese release and doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, there’s just something about it that will remind you of taking a walk out in the snow! It’s just got that festive feeling that will make you want to play it right up until the holidays have passed.


4. TWICE — “Heartshaker”

Featured on TWICE‘s “Merry & Happy” Christmas-themed album this fun and bright song will make you want to dance while also bringing just the right amount of holiday spirit to shake off any of your bah, humbugs!


5. Yoon Jong Shin with SEVENTEEN —  “Chocolate”

The old-school vibe in “Chocolate” will not only give you some major nostalgia but it also feels kind of Christmassy. Although we can’t put our finger on why that is, it’s one of the songs that will get you in the mood to deck the halls!


6. Wonder Girls — “Be My Baby”

The Wonder Girls‘ “Be My Baby” isn’t a Christmas song but it’s always reminded fans of that time of year! In fact, 1theK even included it in one of their own Christmas playlists! So even if it was never made with that in mind, this song will certainly have you saying “‘Tis the season!”


7. M & D — “I Wish”

Although this one has absolutely nothing to do with any holidays, the beat and overall feel of this song have consistently made fans feel like its a great song to add to their special playlist!


8. Various artists — “Jelly Christmas 2013”

“Jelly Christmas 2013” is 4th installment in the “Jelly Christmas” series released by Jellyfish Entertainment and besides the stunning music video, the voices of Sung Si Kyung, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In Guk, VIXX, and Little Sister will melt your heart.


9. GOT7 — “Miracle”

GOT7‘s “Confession Song” has long been a favorite holiday tune for Ahgases but their latest winter release is quickly becoming a new favorite! The winter wonderland theme and harmonious vocals combine perfectly to make you feel incredibly peaceful.


10. Wendy, Moon Jung Jae, and Nile Lee — “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

While new songs are always great, there’s just something about the old classics and this absolutely beautiful rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” will surely make you feel all sorts of things.


11. BTS —  “Christmas Day”

Jimin and Jungkook teamed up to give us all this sweet and fun Christmas song with just the right amount of sleigh bells to make you feel like it really is Christmas day!


12. Starship Planet — “Christmas Time”

Every year Starship Entertainment artists gather together to perform an epic holiday song that will get you right in the holiday spirit. “Christmas Time” is their latest version and as ever, is full of festive holiday spirit!


13. Red Velvet — “With You”

It may not be a Christmas song but there’s a reason why this one is often thought of as a Christmas in July kind of song! It’s festive without being festive at all so it’s totally okay to put this one in your Christmas playlist as well as your summertime one!


14. NU’EST W — “Polaris”

When NU’EST W released “Polaris” many people were actually complaining that they released the song at the wrong time of the year because they thought it sounded like something meant for the holidays! While there are no complaints here, the song does lend itself surprisingly well for this time of the year!


15. SHINee — “‘Aside’ One-sided Love Song”

Shawols have long held that the chorus to this song sounds incredibly festive and we can’t help but agree. It may not be a song meant for the holidays but go ahead and play it anyway. You know you want to!


16. INFINITE — “Request”

A pumping baseline doesn’t always make you think of the holidays, but many fans have added this song to their personal playlists because there’s just something about it that puts you in the holiday spirit!


17. PENTAGON — “Beautiful”

Maybe it’s the amazing harmonization or perhaps it’s the peaceful atmosphere of this song but it’s a very peaceful song that is perfect to listen to during all the hectic activities leading up to the holidays.


18. Girls’ Generation TTS — “Goodbye, Hello”

When people think of TTS songs that are holiday related their first thought probably won’t be “Hello, Goodbye”. But thanks to a beat that reminds a lot of people of some classic Christmas songs, this one has quickly become a holiday favorite among many.


19. Cosmic Girls — “Thawing”

Although this isn’t strictly a holiday song, the girls’ stellar vocals and the sleigh bell sound effect used throughout the song will certainly make you think your dashing through the snow!


20. NCT Dream — “Joy”

An epic mashup of a ton of holiday songs sung by NCT Dream? Yes, please! If none of these other songs have successfully gotten you in the holiday spirit, this ultimate mix definitely will!