10 K-Pop Songs To Listen To When You Need Some Cheering Up

These songs will surely comfort you!

Bad days are inevitable, and there may be days when you just lose the heart to continue on, but there are songs that can always cheer you up and can bring you a sense of comfort.

Here are 10+ K-Pop songs that you can listen to when you need some cheering up!

1. “Grow Up” by Stray Kids

“Grow Up” is a comforting song that reminds you that you’re doing well and that it’s okay to make mistakes. The song also reminds its listeners to take their time, and that there is no need to hurry through life.

When we fall behind, we can take a break. You’re doing good. If it gets to hard, I’ll run with you, don’t worry.

2. “Nosedive” by Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen

The song talks about allowing you to freely feel your emotions. The song tells its listeners to cry when you’ve had a bad day, and that they will be with you until you’re okay again.

When it hurts, just cry. Cry all you want, it’s okay. When sadness disappears and tears begin to stop, I’ll wipe you tears underneath your eyes with my thumb.

3. “By Your Side” by ASTRO

“By Your Side” is a song that carries the message of simply being by someone’s side through the pain. Even when you’ve changed a lot, they will be there by your side and protect you from pain.

Time has passed, and you have changed, but I’ll always be here.

4. “Breathe” by LEE HI

“Breathe” is a song that brings a lot of comfort especially when you make mistakes. It reminds you that it’s okay to make mistakes every now and then, and not to hesitate to breathe when you need some air.

It’s okay to make mistakes because anyone can do so.

5. “One’s Place (Home)” by Wanna One

“One’s Place (Home)” is a song that delivers a message of always being there for each other when you need someone to rely on.

I will be a home that you can go to whenever you need to rest.

6. “Hug” by SEVENTEEN

Everyone has had their fair share of difficult and exhausting days and SEVENTEEN is here to tell you that they are here to comfort you, that you did well, that they love you, and that they will hug you when you need it.

For you who had a tough time today, I will tell you that I’m here, that you’ve done well, that I love you, and I will hug you tight.

7. “Feel Special” by TWICE

Despite it’s vibrant sound, “Feel Special” by TWICE is a song that talks about relying on someone who reminds you that you’re important especially on days or moments when you feel lost and want to hide yourself from the world.

With a warm smile, you held out your hand. Everything’s alright. From nobody to somebody, I become a very special me.

8. “Downpour” by I.O.I

“Downpour” talks about going through a difficult time, but continuing to work your best because it’s just a part of life that will soon pass.

Someday the cold rain will become warm tears and fall down, it’s alright, it’s just a passing downpour.

9. “Magic Shop” by BTS

“Magic Shop” by BTS is a song about opening up your heart and finding comfort in doing so. “Magic Shop” is identified as a place where you can regain strength and feel comforted.

It’s okay to believe, I’ll comfort you, magic shop.”

10. “Hurt Road” by DAY6

“Hurt Road” by DAY6 is a song that talks about going on a difficult journey, but always remembering and focusing on the bright side instead of the challenges that come along with it.

It’s not that you and I didn’t know that not many flowers bloom on this road.