These 11 K-Pop Songs Make Fans Scared And Uncomfortable For Different Reasons

There’s something eerie about a lot of these songs.

While many K-Pop songs get fans in a good mood with upbeat, cheerful, and energetic feelings, there are other songs that have an eerie or sometimes even scary vibe to them that can make listeners uncomfortable. Recently on Reddit, a post was made for K-Pop fans to share songs from the genre that make them anxious or frightened, and there were quite a few listed! Here are 11 of the top choices from the post.

1. “Butterfly (Prologue Mix)” by BTS

2. “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

3. “Step Back (Instrumental)” by GOT the Beat

4. “Only You” by Miss A

5. “My Van” by NCT 127

6. “Shadow” by f(x)

7. “Girls” by NATURE

8. “Wrap Me In Plastic” by MOMOLAND

9. “Voodoo Doll” by VIXX

10. “O.O” by NMIXX

11. “The 7th Sense” by NCT U

Source: Reddit