10+ K-Pop Songs That Never Made It Past The Trailer

And yet they’re so, so good!

Idols and their companies spoil us with teaser trailers for upcoming songs, comebacks, and tours. These trailers always hype us up and get us ready for the release of a full version, but sometimes these trailers aren’t actually 100% the same as what we get. And if you think that you’ll eventually find that same song remix on the album, think again! These K-Pop trailers made fans fall in love with their sound but never made it past the teaser stage.


1. f(x)’s “LA chA TA” trailer

Although similar to the very beginning of their official release, the f(x)‘s teaser trailer is different enough to make you wonder why nothing ever happened with it. It’s like a mix between the full “LA chA Ta” and “Chocolate Love” and fans absolutely love it. Makes you wonder why they didn’t at least put it on an album as a remix.


2. BTS’s Wings tour trailer

While the official version of “Outro: Wings” is amazing, there’s something incredibly special about the version that’s a part of the tour trailer. The slightly other-worldly sound of this version has captured many fans hearts. Unfortunately, there is no official track for this one so if you want to give it a listen, you have to watch the trailer!


3. Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run” MV trailer

The trailer for “Run Devil Run” sounds really edgy and really, really good. And although “Run Devil Run” is a fantastic song, it’s definitely different from the trailer. For some reason they just never released a remix version that contains the original edgy feel from the trailer.


4. EXO’s introduction trailers

EXO had a series of trailers introducing the members when they were first set to debut. Each one offers up some unique and amazing sounds but almost all of the songs on this series never made it into an official song or albums. Although no one knows why SM Entertainment decided not to use the songs, EXO-Ls are still hopeful that one day they can hear them on an album!


5. BTS’s O!RUL8,2? comeback trailer

A little bit hip-hop, a little bit EDM, and a whole lot of awesome this comeback trailer, unfortunately, contains some sound mixes that we just never got to hear outside of the trailer.


6. Toheart’s “Prologue”

Upbeat and funky, Woohyun and Key did not disappoint with their Twoheart trailer. It’s just way too bad that the song on the teaser never even made it as an intro on their album!


7. VIXX’s conception opening trailer

Although there were no words in the entirety of VIXX‘s concept trailer, no words were needed to totally blow everyone away! The solid piece would certainly hype anyone up but for some reason, the epic soundtrack wasn’t ever anywhere but this trailer.


8. BTS’s The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Epilogue concert teaser

BTS and Big Hit Entertainment seem to really enjoy putting different sounds in their trailers and the trailer for this concert was no different. The percussion, camera snaps, and disc scratching sounds make this song pretty unique. We’re just not sure why they never included it in a remix or something.


9. Lovelyz’s Fall in Lovelyz prologue film

Sweet bell sounds give a super angelic quality to the teaser song for the girls’ 3rd mini-album. But if you think you would hear that same tune repeated somewhere on the album, you would be wrong. It’s really too bad since it fit the girls so well!


9. LOONA’s premier greeting teaser

This is definitely a remix of “Egoist” that every LOONA stan needs to hear! Unfortunately, it’s way too short. We all need a full-version stat!


10. Hyuna’s 4th mini album trailer

The jam found in Hyuna‘s 4th mini album trailer is so amazingly awesome that many fans still come back to give it a listen even though the trailer is 3 years old! If that many people love it, why did they never release an official version?


11. SEVENTEEN’s Diamond Edge trailers

The group released a series of trailers for their Diamond Edge tour that ranged from soft and classy to pumped up dance tracks. The instrumentals on all four trailers were so good but were never even used as bonus tracks.


12. Lovelyz’s “Hi” teaser

Speaking of amazing instrumentals, the trailer for “Hi” was especially good but like all the others on this list was never released!


13. Girls’ Generation’s “Genie” trailer

Yes, “Genie” was released but the trailer version had a different sound that would have been perfect for some kind of remix. Alas, we all know that it’s not.


14. SF9’s “ROAR” trailer

This MV teaser has some really cool instrumentals at the end that fans are hoping will make its way onto a release!


Bonus: INFINITE’s 2014 comeback trailer

In 2014, INFINITE was planning to have their comeback but it ended up getting pushed back. At the time no one was sure when their comeback would actually happen and had to sit on this masterpiece.


But just this year, INFINITE actually released this song that contains the instrumentals found in the 2014 teaser! So just because the companies and idols might be sitting on some of these fantastic trailers, doesn’t mean we won’t get an official version at some point!