Here Are 14 Rap-Less K-Pop Title Tracks Where Rappers Proved Their Vocal Abilities

The rappers in these groups are so multi-talented!

One of the key aspects of K-Pop music that makes it as unique and recognizable as it is, is the inclusion of rap lines and verses in the songs at some point. While this certainly isn’t always the case for every song, it’s incredibly common, and there are many more songs that have rap lines than those that don’t! However, there are some songs by groups that have members that specifically specialize in rapping that have title tracks where those members don’t have any rap lines, but show their skills in singing instead. Here are 14 examples of this!

1. “Secret Garden” by OH MY GIRL

OH MY GIRL’s tracks oftentimes tend to be more vocal-heavy to begin with, but they still have a main rapper, Mimi, who showed off her vocal prowess in this song!

2. “View” by SHINee

Minho is the main rapper in SHINee, and pretty much always has some kind of iconic rap lines in the group’s songs, while Key is also a lead rapper (as well as a vocalist). In “View”, however, both members only had singing lines!

3. “Russian Roulette” by Red Velvet

Three members of Red Velvet — IreneJoy, and Yeri — have the roles of main rapper, lead rapper, and sub-rapper respectively. Irene, however, is the only member who doesn’t also have a vocalist position, but she proved she could have one in “Russian Roulette”!

4. “Cinema” by CIX

Both the leader and maknae of CIX, BX and Hyunsuk, have rapping positions in the group, though while Hyunsuk also has a vocalist position, BX does not. Despite this, both of these members together still made up a total of nearly a quarter of the lines in this rap-less song!

5. “The Eye” by INFINITE

DongwooSungyeol, and (at the time before he left the group) Hoya were the main rapper and lead rappers respectively of INFINITE when “The Eye” came out, but they all had vocalist positions as well, which they more than proved they earned in this song!

6. “I’m In Trouble” by NU’EST

Aron is the main rapper of NU’EST while JR is the lead rapper, though JR also has a vocalist position as well. Even so, Aron ended up having the second-most number of lines in this vocals-only song, and JR had not much less than him!

7. “Deja Vu” by Dreamcatcher

With Dreamcatcher being as edgy and rock-heavy of a group as they are, it’s not a surprise that they have three rappers in the group: Dami (main rapper), SuA (lead rapper), and Gahyeon (sub-rapper). Dami in particular has a very distinct and husky rapping voice, and while the three members do have the fewest amount of lines in “Deja Vu”, they still make up a quarter of them in total, which is a fair amount of the rap-less song!

8. “Higher” by A.C.E

Wow and Byeongkwan have the position as rappers in A.C.E, but they both are talented vocalists as well, and “Higher” really gave them a chance to shine as multi-talented idols!

9. “Stereotype” by STAYC

STAYC is already a fairly vocal-heavy group, with Sumin and J both being vocalists along with being the group’s rappers. “Stereotype” is a rap-free song that certainly allowed these talented rookie artists to show off their singing abilities!

10. “Gee” by Girls’ Generation

There are actually several early Girls’ Generation title tracks that don’t have any rap verses! It was only in later years that HyoyeonYuri, and Yoona had more rap parts in songs as the main rapper and lead rappers respectively.

11. “Bon Bon Chocolat” by EVERGLOW

EVERGLOW is another girl group that has three rapping members: E:U (main rapper), Aisha (lead rapper), and Mia (sub-rapper). They are also another group, however, whose rappers are all vocalists in some regard as well, and their debut track “Bon Bon Chocolat” was a great example of how a K-Pop song doesn’t need rap lines to be super catchy!

12. “Dynamite” by BTS

BTS is a fairly rap-heavy group, with RMSuga, and J-Hope known as some of the most talented rappers in the K-Pop industry. Even though J-Hope is the only one among them that has a sub-vocalist position, though, all three of them participated in at least a few of the singing-only lines of their massive hit “Dynamite”!

13. “Black Mamba” by aespa

Half of this four member group — Karina and Giselle — have rapping positions, with only Giselle also in a sub-vocalist position. Despite this, they both participated heavily in the group’s rap-less debut song, “Black Mamba”, that took the K-Pop world by storm!

14. “Like A Movie” by B1A4

When “Like A Movie” was released, it was already after two members had left the group, including main rapper BaroCNU, however, is still a lead rapper of B1A4, but this song by the remaining trio let him show off his well-deserved lead vocalist title as well!