These Are All 13 K-Pop Songs That Have Reached The Top Of The Gaon Digital Chart In 2020

We’re 40 weeks into the year, and 13 songs have trended at the top of those 40 weeks.

The Gaon Digital Chart is a chart that lists the best-performing singles in South Korea, based on streaming counts, download sales, and background music usage. The chart provides weekly, monthly, and yearly results, and the one we’ll be looking at today is the weekly one! Below are the 13 K-Pop songs that have reached the top of the chart so far this year, which is a huge accomplishment for any K-Pop artist.

1. “Meteor” by Changmo

“Meteor” was the first song to reach the top of the charts in 2020. It spent two weeks (January 4 and January 11) at the top of the list, and the music video for the song has 2.44 million views.

2. “Any Song” by Zico

“Any Song” was a huge hit when it came out, and has spent a total of 7 weeks on the Gaon Digital Chart! It spent five weeks consecutively at first (January 18, January 25, February 1, February 8, and February 15), dropped out of #1 for a couple weeks, and then returned for two more weeks (March 7 and March 14). The music video for this song has 67.2 millioin views.

3. “I Give You My Heart” by IU

“I Give You My Heart” only spent one week (February 22) at number one, but it’s still a great accomplishment! It was a popular OST for the drama Crash Landing On You.

4. “ON” by BTS

“ON”, somewhat surprisingly, also only spent one week at #1 on this chart (February 29). The Kinetic Manifesto Film version of the song has 270.4 million views, and the original version has 199.1 million views.

5. “Start Over” by Gaho

“Start Over” by Gaho spent three total weeks at the top of the chart. He spent two of them consecutively (March 21 and March 28), dropped for a week, and then was at #1 again for April 11. “Start Over” is an OST for the drama Itaewon Class, and the official music video has 45.2 million views.

6. “Bloom” by MC the Max

“Bloom” spent one week at the top of the Gaon Digital Chart (April 4), and the music video for the song has 2.98 million views.

7. “Aloha” by Jo Jungsuk

“Aloha” was at the top of the chart for 3 consecutive weeks (April 18, April 25, and May 2), and the official video for the song has 16.9 million views.

8. “Eight” by IU ft. Suga

“Eight” spent 4 total weeks at #1 on the Gaon chart. Three of them were spent consecutively (May 9, May 16, and May 23), and it returned for one more week at the top on June 13. This collab song has 95.2 million views on its official MV!

9. “I Knew I Love” by Jeon Mido

“I Knew I Love” spent two weeks at the top of the chart (May 30 and June 6). This Hospital Playlist OST also has 10.2 million views on its official music video.

10. “Downtown Baby” by Bloo

“Downtown Baby” spent two weeks at the top of Gaon’s chart, June 20 and June 27 consecutively. The official music video has 6.96 million views as well.

11. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK

This BLACKPINK hit spent three weeks in a row on the top of Gaon’s chart (July 4, July 11, and July 18)! It’s one of their most successful songs to date, and the music video is now at 583.4 million views.

12. “Beach Again” by SSAK3

“Beach Again” proved to be a massive success in Korea, with the song spending 5 weeks in a row on the top of Gaon’s chart (July 25, August 1, August 8, August 15, and August 22). Between both the original MV and the duplicate, this song also has about 13.5 million views!

13. “Dynamite” by BTS

And of course, currently trending at #1 on the chart for the 6th week is BTS’s “Dynamite”, which has charted at the top for the weeks of August 29, September 5, September 12, September 19, September 26, and October 3. This huge hit also has 471.6 million views on its official MV as of the time of this writing!