9 K-Pop Songs That Seem To Have Been Completely Forgotten By The Artists That Released Them

Fans haven’t forgotten, though 🥺

The further a K-Pop artist gets into their career, the more songs they release, and the more likely it is that they might forget some of those songs! It’s totally understandable that a lesser-known B-side track could draw a blank when an idol is asked about it, but there are some instances where K-Pop artists seem to have just forgotten about title tracks too. Recently on Reddit, fans were asked to share which K-Pop songs they feel like were “forgotten” by the artists that released them, and these were 9 of the top-mentioned tracks.

1. “The Stars” by BTS

2. “Sentimental” by WINNER

3. “Senorita” by (G)I-DLE

4. “Lips” by Girls’ Generation

5. “Knock Knock” by TWICE

6. “7 Days” by NCT DREAM

Have your favs basically forgotten about the existence of certain songs of theirs? 🥲 from kpopthoughts

7. “Don Quixote” by SEVENTEEN

8. “Paradise” by BTS

9. “Stuck” by MONSTA X

Source: Reddit