15 K-Pop Songs With Shockingly Suggestive Lyrics You May Not Have Known About

Who exactly is “knock knock”ing at TWICE’s door??

Something that a lot of fans of any music genre can probably relate to is discovering a new song, falling in love with it, jamming out to it for a while, and eventually going to actually look up the lyrics only to find out that it has suggestive or explicit lyrics that you had no idea about.

BTS’s Suga

While K-Pop, in general, tends to have tamer lyrics than some other music genres, there are definitely still songs that have pretty suggestive themes if you interpret them a certain way (or sometimes, the meaning is too obvious to need to be interpreted!). Here are 15 K-Pop songs that might be more risque than you realized.

1. “Love Talk” (English Version) by WayV

The title of “Love Talk” alone might be enough to give away that it’s a more sensual song, but are you familiar with what exactly the lyrics are?

Here’s a snippet sung by Lucas and YangYang: “Okay, baby make it fast (Make it fast, right, ey)/We could put the country on the map (Put it on the map, ey)/Run it back, you gon’ have me runnin’ laps (Runnin’ laps, ey)/I just, I just want you to make it clap (Ey, ey).” It’s pretty hard to misinterpret what, exactly, they’re wanting to make “clap”!

2. “Drippin'” by NCT Dream

A lot of fans of NCT, and K-Pop in general, likely already heard about the shockingly suggestive lyrics of NCT Dream’s “Drippin'”. Because they’re the youngest of the NCT units, it still makes a lot of fans shook by just how bold the lyrics are!

Seriously, there’s no subtlety with lines like: “Everything is swallowed/I fill you with my everything/Slowly fills to the top/And deeply falls in/Dripping dripping dripping.”

3. “Monster Truck” by MONSTA X

MONSTA X is known as a group to be pretty provocative already with their dances and style of clothing (or lack thereof), so it might not be terribly surprising to hear some of the lyrics to this B-side track.

Pretty much the entire song could be used as an example of explicit lyrics, but here’s just a small snippet: “Get on and ride, I’m Monsta truck/Put your belt on tightly, buckle up/Give everything up to my mind and body/Push everything aside, bulldozer/Yell, Shout it out I’m full with you, fill me fuel me up…”

4. “Warm Hole” by Brown Eyed Girls

Okay, to be fair, the title of this song alone definitely raises some flags as to what the song is about. What might be shocking to some is that the girls really didn’t hold back at all with what they were singing about!

There’s no mistaking what these lyrics are communicating: “We bump every part of our body/To get hurt here and there/So warm fire in the hole/Warm fire in the hole/You are trapped in my tunnel/And mess up everything inside/It’s so warm fire in the hole/Warm fire in the hole.”

5. “Love Me Do” by VIXX

If you look into VIXX’s discography and the lyrics of their songs in any depth, you’ll find that there are a lot of their songs with rather sexual or even kinky undertones. Interestingly, unlike a lot of these kinds of songs sung by male K-Pop artists, many of these songs suggest them desiring for a woman to be in control of them.

“Love Me Do”‘s lyrics aren’t as explicit as some on this list, but nonetheless, they are pretty provocative. Leo and Ken crone: “I grab you at a glass of martini/I act the fool at your soft hands and slip it in/It could be poison, at this ecstatic addiction/Everyone goes crazy.”

6. “Bae Bae” by BIGBANG

It doesn’t take a lot of deep diving in order to see the sexual nature of BIGBANG’s “Bae Bae”. Between G-Dragon and T.O.P‘s parts in the music video especially, it leaves little to the imagination what they’re singing about.

Still, G-Dragon’s part, in particular, is especially insinuative! Part of his verse includes: “No pants on with a white shirt, babe/
Are you a human or an angel? Oh Jesus, babe… I’m possessed by you/Blood is rushing to that one place again/It’s dangerous, you’re so dangerous babe.”

7. “Guitar” by BTOB

BTOB isn’t a group that’s known for having explicit or suggestive lyrics, so it might come as a surprise to some to know that not all of their songs are as innocent as they might seem! “Guitar” in particular doesn’t seem to actually be about a musical instrument.

Seriously, just how obvious are these lyrics about what’s going on?? “Treat your body like a guitar (Strum strum)/Hit your notes in this order (G, B, D, G, D, G)/Touch every one of your frets correctly/Uh! I’ll hit that G precisely woo! (Yah yah)/We’ll be making sweet music all night (All night)/Let your neighbors know my name right now.”

8. “Summer 127” by NCT 127

Yes, another NCT song to add to the list. The title of this song makes it sound innocent enough, but there’s more to the lyrics than it might seem at first. Part of the song includes the lines, “You feel the same way, right?/Shall we go (farther)?/To a different place (a fun place)/As if there’s no tomorrow/(Let’s forget everything for a moment)/Our hearts are hotter than the sun.”

This is suggestive enough on its own, but it’s what comes later in the song that is particularly shocking: “Rocking and popping more/Krumping (shake that a**)/You’re already shaking it, you’re twerking/Yeah yeah yeah ah bad-a**.”

9. “Chained Up” by VIXX

Ah yes, more VIXX as well. Like some other songs on this list, the title alone might give away what the lyrics are about, but it’s a great example of what was mentioned earlier about the members singing about having a girl be in control of them.

Among lines about being put in chains and “tamed”, the song also includes, “You gaze a hole into me/(Good boy)/When you pet me my breath quickens/I’m hurting like this (it hurts so much) but I can’t turn away.”

10. “Converse High” by BTS

The way certain parts of BTS’s “Converse High” can be interpreted vary, but there are a couple of lines that some think might be hinting at something more than what it might seem at first. First is in J-Hope‘s verse, with the lines, “Rather than the stars in the sky, I wanna see the stars on your shoes/Haha, without Namjoon knowing.” It can make you wonder just what position, exactly, J-Hope is in to see the girl’s shoes, and why he wants to keep it from RM!

Another little hint is in Suga’s verse, with the lines, “Anyway, when you meet me, don’t wear Converses/It’s too hard to take them off of you.” Why would someone be wanting to take off a girl’s shoes, hmm? Talk about playfully suggestive!

11. “Milkshake” by Red Velvet

Both “Ice Cream Cake” and “Milkshake” by Red Velvet seem to have pretty similar themes, and both of them can be taken either literally or suggestively. On the one hand, they could be actually talking about the foods in the titles of the songs, but on the other hand, they could be talking about something else more figuratively.

It’s hard to choose a part of the song to use as an example since it’s all pretty much the same tone, but part of it goes: “Oh my, my head is spinning like it’s about to break/Oh my, the moment we touch I get tingly/So high, this foreign feeling is exciting/Oh nana ooh-la-la-la I like it.”

12. “Knock Knock” by TWICE

The sound of “Knock Knock” and the music video paired with it give the whole song a very innocent and sweet vibe, but is there more to the lyrics than it seems? While it can be up for interpretation, reading the lyrics as a whole seems to tell the story of a late-night rendevous with someone, and who knows what they might be getting up to?

Lines such as, “Knock on my door/Probably another playboy/Obviously just a bad boy” paired with, “Come again tomorrow and the day after/I’ll prepare and wait for you (knock knock)/Baby, knock knock knock knock/Knock on my door” definitely seem to hint at something a little risque!

13. “One More” by FIESTAR

The “One More” discussed in FIESTAR’s song becomes pretty obvious when you take a glance at the entire lyrics of the song!

Lines such as, “You said you were good, so why are you K.O.ed?/We both need a little more/You and I, alone/Into our little room/One of us knows how to do this right” and, “If you think I’m yours, ya wrong, bite me/Hey what you say? What you wanna do?/We’ve been on the same level since yesterday/You and I, alone from sunrise to nightfall” make it pretty much impossible not to know what they want “one more” of!

14. “Velvet” by LE

It’s great when someone isn’t afraid to express what they want through song, and EXID‘s LE doesn’t hesitate to speak her desires in the lyrics to her solo “Velvet”!

“You ring my doorbell again today dang dang/You know my password and all but I like that/The moment you open the door to the bed/I don’t wanna be apart from you, hold me tightly baby,” she communicates, leaving little to be interpreted for what she wants!

15. “Jam Jam” by IU

Lastly, IU might be the last artist that comes to mind when you think of suggestive lyrics, but even she hasn’t completely stayed away from that kind of theme! She has definitely had some fun with being creative in bringing a little playful insinuation to her music.

Lines such as, “Tell me that you love me/Say the pretty things smeared on your lips/Sticky sticky, I’ll keep it pickled/So it won’t rot, for a long time” and, “I need some sugar/I need something fake/I don’t know natural, make it more provocative” are among those in the song, which definitely don’t fit what some people think of when they listen to IU’s music!