16 Space-Themed K-Pop Songs That Will Take You Out Of This World

These songs will help you escape the difficult world for a little while.

If you have been wishing to escape reality for a while because of how difficult things have been lately, you’re certainly not alone. When things get overwhelming and it’s hard to stay positive, music can act as a wonderful escape from the real world for a time to help you get back on your feet and feel better.

Space-themed songs, in particular, can be especially soothing and aesthetic, and there are many K-Pop songs with that sort of concept that you can enjoy. Whether the music videos are space-themed, the song has a space-y sound, or the lyrics themselves have intergalactic imagery, here is a list of 16 K-Pop songs for anyone who loves outer space to enjoy.

1. “Secret” by Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls is a group known for their space and cosmic sort of aesthetic — it’s even in their name! — and “Secret” is just one of many songs from them that uses beautiful interstellar imagery in its music video. Even though the lyrics aren’t about the subject, it’s still otherworldly!

2. “Galaxy” by Ladies Code

This song is smooth and cool, with velvety vocals and pretty visuals in the MV which, while not particularly space-themed, still suit the vibe well. The lyrics, however, definitely match the theme of the title: “You twinkle as though you came looking for me/Hi I was waiting for you/Will you take me to the galaxy?”

3. “Mikrokosmos” by BTS

The title alone gives away the sort of vibe of this song, and “Mikrokosmos” absolutely delivers with both the lyrics comparing people to stars as well as the magical tone of the song. It has a beautiful melody that makes it seem like everything will end up alright: “Perhaps the reason this night looks so beautiful/Is not because of these stars or lights, but us.”

4. “Moonwalk” by WayV

Another song that is obviously space-themed due to its title, “Moonwalk” has a more grungy-looking intergalactic aesthetic in the music video than others on this list. It’s definitely a sort of dystopian, end-of-the-world concept, though with the members of WayV dancing along so smoothly, it’s not as frightening a concept as it might otherwise be!

5. “Power” by EXO

“Power” is an absolute bop of a song that takes a more comic-book-like concept for its outer space theme, with the members of EXO using laser guns and other weapons to try to fight off a space robot monster(?). The use of both real footage and animated makes this superhero-like music video just that much more fun!

6. “Astronaut” by Stray Kids

Yet again, the title alone should be a pretty big indicator of the theme for this song, and the lyrics, music video, and sound of the song itself all make for a pretty out-of-this-world experience! “Let’s go to find the stars without a clue/Fly tonight/Let’s go to space like an astronaut.”

7. “Docking” by Lim Hyunsik

This song is so mellow and ethereal, it’s easy to drift off into daydream while listening to it. Though the lyrics are simple — “Flying to the star/Flying to the star/I keep flying towards that star/At the same speed” — it makes it even easier to feel like you’re drifting into space while listening to the BTOB member’s voice!


Though not as obvious by the title as other songs on this list, “LALALILALA” has both a space-themed music video as well as the same theme in its lyrics! There are tons of beautiful shots of various outer space visuals, and the song includes lines such as: “If you remind me of the numbers of stars/I would love you even more/Enough to fill the dark night.”

9. “Galaxy” by Luna

This song is a perfect match for this list: The lyrics are about entering someone else’s “galaxy”, with Luna’s rich vocals pairing wonderfully with the sort of retro, echo-y tone of the song: “Captivated like a sweet dream/I’ve followed you to the deep universe/And I met a lonely Milky Way/Finally, finally, it spreads out before me.”

10. “Universe” by MAMAMOO

Similarly to Luna’s song, MAMAMOO’s “Universe” has a similar theme of comparing the one they love to the universe. It has a jazzier tone than the former, which MAMAMOO is known for, and their perfect vocals make for a soothing and fun listen: “Jumping over the crossed time and space/I get to know you/It doesn’t matter how long it takes to me.”

11. “Moon” by BTS

Most BTS fans already know that Jin‘s solo, “Moon”, is a love song to ARMY, with the vocalist comparing himself and BTS fans to the moon and Earth respectively. Though the imagery used in the song may seem complex and metaphorical, the simple message is that Jin loves ARMY, and that he will always be there to be a light for them: “I will orbit you/I will stay by your side/I will become your light/All for you.”

12. “On and On” by VIXX

Though the lyrics of this song are actually somewhat sad and upsetting — “I’m a toy that’s made for you, my lifeline is always in danger/I’m nervous but I’m sure that you will transfer to some other guy” — the music video is anything but, with the members of VIXX becoming “space vampires” with their iconic hair and makeup looks. VIXX is known for their unique concepts, and “On and On”, though one of their first concept-heavy MVs, still delivered!

13. “Spaceship” by IZ*ONE

The sweet, cute vocals of “Spaceship” make it hard not to bring a smile to your face, with the lyrics speaking sweetly of young love by using the metaphor of traveling in a spaceship: “Even to that end which can’t be reached/Go up, go up, the sound of my song/It’ll become a light/Our own spaceship.”

14. “Black H●le” by GWSN

Another chill bop, GWSN’s “Black H●le” has both a sound and lyrics that make the concept of a black hole seem not quite as scary as it would be to actually encounter one in reality: “The emotions inside this distorted time that got swept away/It makes me lose myself, the black hole in this deep night.”

15. “Asteroid” by ONF

“Asteroid” is another retro space track that you won’t be able to help but bob your head along to the groove! The theme of the song compares their romantic interest to a destructive asteroid, though they can’t help how they feel: “These feelings are in deep space/Scattered in the dust/If I go like this, I just saw it every day/Will be one of the stars.”

16. “Shooting Star” by VIXX

VIXX has a couple of songs that would fit well on this list, with “Shooting Star” having both a space-y sound as well as lyrics: “With you who’s bursting with ecstasy/You’re my shooting star/Like a star that only I see/A signal only I know.”