14 K-Pop Boy Group Songs That You Shouldn’t Forget To Add To Your Summertime Playlists

Which ones will you be adding to your playlist?

As the weather’s getting warmer for a lot of us, we’re getting ready to soak up the sun! While there are a lot of summer bops in K-Pop, we’re sure your playlists already include hits such as “Dynamite” by BTS and “Blue Hour” by TXT, so here are some hidden gems that you don’t want to miss out on when creating that perfect summer playlist!

1. “Crazy Sexy Cool” – ASTRO

Honestly, most of ASTRO’s discography could be part of this list, but “Crazy Sexy Cool” is too fun to forget!


Proving once again that they’re the kings of duality, MONSTA X really delivered one of the best summer songs that year with “NEWTON.”

3. “Let’s Hang Out” – SF9

Summer’s for spending time with friends, and that’s what “Let’s Hang Out” is all about.

4. “VIBE” – 1TEAM

Although they have now sadly disbanded, 1TEAM’s debut track “VIBE” has the fun, playful atmosphere that every summer song should have.

5. “Wave” – ATEEZ

“Wave” is the quintessential summer song, immediately transporting you to the seaside no matter where you might be!


PENTAGON’s latest title track, “DO or NOT,” is fun and upbeat, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

7. “Blueprint” – Stray Kids

Paired with the perfect video, “Blueprint” is sweet and fun, paired with optimistic lyrics–Stray Kids style.

8. “Holiday” – SEVENTEEN

There is no other song that encompasses a holiday night vibe better than this one!

9. “Airplane” – ONEUS

ONEUS’ “Airplane” is so fun and lighthearted, guaranteed to put you in a good mood–and isn’t that what summer’s all about?

10. “Beautiful Beautiful” – ONF

The lyrics to this undeniably summer bop by ONF are just as catchy as the tune!

11. “I’m Serious” – DAY6

Okay, DAY6 aren’t a boy-group, but this wouldn’t be a reliable list without “I’m Serious”!

12. “Take Me Higher” – A.C.E

The colorful video for “Take Me Higher” only adds to its refreshing summery vibe.

13. “Pump It Up” – Golden Child

Although “Pump It Up” was released well after summer, it still retains that carefree, fun feeling.

14. “Can’t Help Myself (feat. LOCO)” – Eric Nam

Last but not least, Eric Nam’s “Can’t Help Myself” gives us all the summertime romance feelings.

What are some songs that you would have added to the list? Let us know!