Here Are 15 K-Pop Songs With The Most Views In 24 Hours – #1 Is Insane

The view counts on these videos are incredible!

When it comes to K-Pop music videos and views, fans are known to encourage each other to stream their favorite groups’ songs as soon as they’re released in order to gain the highest amount of views possible in the shortest period of time. It’s insane how many views can be racked up so quickly!

Here is a countdown of the 15 music videos that have gained the most amount of views within 24 hours of the initial release.

15. Jennie’s “Solo”: 16.1 million

14. EXO’s “Tempo”: 17.05 million

13. ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla”: 17.1 million

12. ITZY’s “Icy”: 18.1 million

11. TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away”: 19.6 million

10. J-Hope’s (ft. Becky G) “Chicken Noodle Soup”: 21.8 million

9. BTS’s “DNA”: 22.5 million

8. TWICE’s “Yes or Yes”: 31.4 million

7. BTS’s “Fake Love”: 35.9 million

6. PSY’s “Gentleman”: 36.0 million

5. BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”: 36.2 million

4. TWICE’s “Fancy”: 42.1 million

3. BTS’s “Idol”: 45.9 million

2. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”: 56.7 million

1. BTS’s “Boy With Luv”: 74.6 million