TOP 25 Catchiest K-Pop Songs That Are Guaranteed To Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

So we can all suffer together!

If you’ve ever had a song that got stuck in your head and stayed there for a couple of days you certainly aren’t alone. There are some songs in every genre of music that instantly wiggle their way into your brain and refuse to leave and K-Pop is absolutely teeming with these catchy bops. So if you’ve got a big test coming up or don’t want an endless loop of K-Pop playing in your head, you best bypass these songs that are pretty much guaranteed to stick there!


1. I.O.I — “Very Very Very”

And “noemu noemu noemu nooooemu noemu noemutimes 100! If you’ve heard this song only once you probably would still hear it anyway. “Very Very Very” is a song that you literally don’t even have to listen to and it still manages to get stuck in your head!


2. SHINee — “Ring Ding Dong”

“Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring diggy ding diggy ding ding ding.” We don’t know if SHINee were total geniuses for creating such a catchy tune or secretly evil for doing so. Once you’ve listened to it how do you get that chorus out of your head? Seriously, how?


3. Taeyang — “Ringa Linga”

Or maybe it’s something about the whole “ring” type lyrics because Taeyang‘s “Ringa Linga” is right up there with SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”!


4. Produce 101 — “Pick Me Up”

It seriously doesn’t matter which version of this song you have heard because whether it’s from the first season of Produce 101, the second season, or from Produce 48, or even China’s Idol Producer it will forever be imprinted in your memory and come back when you least expect it!


5. MOMOLAND — “BBoom BBoom”

MOMOLAND‘s ultra-catchy “BBoom BBoom” certainly stuck the girl group firmly in all of our hearts. But perhaps somewhat unfortunately for all of us, the song is so catchy that it’s close to impossible to get out of your head!


6. TWICE — “Likey”

Somebody, please send help this song just keeps repeating in my head! But with lyrics like “me likey, me likey likey likey du goon du goon du goon heart heart!” it’s pretty easy to see why we all secretly love this earworm.


7. SF9 — “O Sole Mio”

Right around exam time in 2017, students in Korea were avoiding this song like crazy. We don’t really blame them because the song is ridiculously addictive!


8. SS501 — “I’m Your Man”

SS501‘s song consistently voted as the most addictive and most likely to get stuck-in-your-head song in the entirety of K-Pop by Korean netizens. And we have to admit, anytime you listen to this song you’ll find yourself humming, singing, and dancing to it hours later!


9. DAY6 — “Shoot Me”

DAY6 has some really great songs that you might just find yourself humming along to at any moment but “Shoot Me” is perhaps the most dangerous of all their songs. You just can’t get it out of your head!


10. 2NE1 — “I Am The Best”

Everybody knows this song and the “naega jaeil jal naga” lyrics are just impossible to stop singing!


11. TEEN TOP — “Seoul Night”

This might not be the first song that comes to mind when thinking about impossible to stop singing tunes but the chorus to “Seoul Night” will stick with you in a neverending loop of “bam-eh bam-eh bam-eh” to last you all night long and more!


12. NCT U — “Baby Don’t Stop”

They told us not to stop and it seems like we really can’t stop…listening to this song that is. Not only is it hard to get yourself to stop replaying “Baby Don’t Stop” it’s also almost impossible for it to get out of your head afterward!



MOMOLAND struck us again with an equally catchy “BAAM”! Seriously we’re going to need help getting all these songs out of our heads by the end of this list!


14. TWICE — “Knock Knock”

TWICE knocked on all of our eardrums asking to “come in come in baby” and boy did we! The song is amazingly captivating and will hypnotize you into continuing to play it in your mind!


15. Girls’ Generation — “Gee”

Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee” might be everyone’s first love story but like every good love story, you’ll always remember it. No exceptions!


16. Super Junior — “Sorry Sorry”

Everybody knows this song. Everybody! And when this song inevitably gets stuck playing in your head, you know all the dance moves too!


17. Wonder Girls — “Nobody”

Because they told us they “want nobody nobody but you” and we listened, this song will forever follow us around waiting to break free and make us start singing it whenever someone says the word “nobody.”


18. Red Velvet — “Dumb Dumb”

Can’t get Red Velvet‘s “Dumb Dumb” out of your head? Yeah, neither can we. Curse these super catchy songs!


19. EXID — “Up & Down”

We all know exactly what part of this song we have circling around in our brains. We’re not even going to say the words because then they’ll be stuck in our heads the rest of the day!


20. BIGBANG — “Fantastic Baby”

This is another song that everybody knows, loves, and gets stuck in their heads. But whoever decided to make a 10-minute loop of “wow fantastic baby” is just undeniably cruel. It’s bad enough that we can’t get this song out of our heads as it is!


21. EXO — “Ko Ko Bop”

Shimmy shimmy ko ko bop I think I like it” and yet at the same time, I’m not so sure I do because I can’t get it out of my head!!! Oh, who am I kidding I still love it. Help me, please!


22. BTS — “Blood Sweat & Tears”

BTS has also got some songs that will wiggle their way into your brain and stay there. However, their worst offender might just be “Blood Sweat & Tears”! Yeah, but we seriously won’t stop listening to it because we love it!


23. HIGHLIGHT — “Plz Don’t Be Sad”

We’re not sure if HIGHLIGHT designed the song to get stuck in your head so easily or not but…we all know it does!



BLACKPINK is in your area…all the time! Because this song will not leave your brain. I know because I’ve tried to stop humming this one and I just couldn’t!


25. PSY — “Gangnam Style”

PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” might be the song to end all songs. I think we all remember when this song first came out and all your friends were singing and dancing to it. Now it’s forever imprinted in our minds, there to stay forever.