9 K-Pop Stars You Never Knew Were In Viral YouTube Videos

Sometimes idols show up when you least expect them!

1. Jay Park

In 2010, Jay Park helped Ryan Higa and Wong Fu Productions define “bromance” in this hilarious viral skit.


2. BTS

While filming their rookie reality show American Hustle Life, BTS accidentally made a cameo in Ricky Dillon‘s cover of Demi Lovato‘s “Really Don’t Care”.


3. Amber (f(x)

Amber is definitely no stranger to YouTube! Aside from having her own personal YouTube channel, she has collaborated with numerous YouTubers, including Simon and Martina. In this video, the trio ate wasabi flavored Kit-Kat bars. Yuck!


4. Eric Nam

Like Amber, Eric Nam knows his way around YouTube. He has appeared in several of Simon and Martina’s popular videos, including one where he played a fangirl version of himself. Since this was way back in 2014, he may be hoping his fans have forgotten about “Erica”. Sorry, Eric! Not a chance!


5. Peniel (BTOB)

Peniel is one of the growing number of K-Pop stars who have their own YouTube channels, but he has also collaborated with other YouTubers. Last year, Peniel appeared with a group of Amber’s friends in this fun watermelon eating video.


6. Benji (B.I.G.) and Jay Kim (BTL)

Like Peniel, these two boy group members appeared appeared in one of Amber’s popular videos. Amber and her friends are always so chill, so it’s easy to forget that they are stars in their own right!


7. Jackson (GOT7)

When Snoop Dogg shared this clip from the AMAs on his Instagram, he was focusing on the woman dancing in the background. Even so, Jackson ended up getting a ton of attention after the clip went viral!

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8. Ravi (VIXX)

Newer VIXX fans may not know that Ravi once appeared with Youtuber-rapper Chad Future in his “Rock the World” music video.