7 K-Pop Styling Pet Peeves That Drive Fans Crazy

How many of these trends are you a fan of, or not?

Styling is a matter of opinion and subjectivity, so there’s never a right or wrong way to style someone! However, there are some trends in K-Pop that fans often agree on that they don’t like for various reasons, whether it’s just a matter of taste or for dancing and discomfort purposes. The following 7 styling trends were recently brought up on Reddit, and you can decide for yourself whether you agree or if you like them! Just remember that it’s all a matter of opinion.

1. When one or two members stand out more than the rest.


While it’s understandable that for each comeback, a couple of members might stand out more than the others due to their outfits for various stages, it’s less ideal and often criticized when it’s always the same members who seem to get the most eye-catching outfits. Everyone should have a chance to shine!

2. When stylists don’t dress idols appropriately for their body type.


Though many idols do fit similar sorts of body types — typically on the thin and lean side — this is not at all the case for every idol! Stylists should definitely take into consideration the body type of the idol they’re working with, and make sure that the clothing they’re using is fitted in a flattering way.

3. Brightly colored contacts.


This is definitely a very controversial and subjective opinion, because some fans really like the bright-colored contacts look for idols, and that’s definitely fine! Others, however, find that they can sometimes seem like a bit too much, so they prefer to not have them used.

4. Way too short skirts/dresses.



Considering how hard it is to perform some of the choreographies in K-Pop in comfortable, normal clothing, having idols wear super short dresses or skirts and expecting them to still be able to dance well without being uncomfortable or having to constantly readjust their clothing is ridiculous!

5. Completely uniform outfits.


While it is usually important for members of a group to at least look cohesive with their outfits, many fans find it too boring or uncreative for every member to wear exactly the same thing. It can definitely be more interesting and visually pleasing to have each member have their own unique outfit if the concepts of all the outfits are all similar!

6. Coconut hair.


Enough said?

7. Super chunky boots.


While super chunky boots can be a great, fun accessory to an outfit, expecting idols to be able to dance well in them is asking for a lot! It’s so risky for their poor ankles, it’s a miracle no one has broken any bones in them yet.

Source: Reddit
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