9 K-Pop Things That Annoy Us Way More Than They Probably Should

Do you have any of these pet peeves?

As much as any K-Pop fan loves the music genre, it’s not unusual for people to still have things that bother them a little about the industry! There are all kinds of little “pet peeves” that can mildly annoy a fan, and recently on Reddit, a post was created that allowed netizens to comment on things that are slightly infuriating to them. Here are 9 of the most commonly shared annoyances from the post!

1. The use of the word “shawty” in numerous K-Pop songs.

2. Overly brightly-dyed/neon hair colors on K-Pop idols that fry scalps.

TXT’s Yeonjun

3. Poorly installed hair extensions on K-Pop idols.


4. Changing the word “boy” to “is” in Red Velvet’s English version of “Bad Boy”.

5. Using the lyrics “zoom zoom good” instead of “zoom zoom zoom” in NMIXX’s “O.O”.

6. The use of confetti cannons and fireworks during performances.

7. Overly colored or just weird contact lenses on K-Pop idols.

BTS’s Jimin
f(x)’s Krystal
VIXX’s Ken

8. K-Pop idols having ear piercings super low on their earlobes.

NCT’s Ten
SHINee’s Key

9. Moving versions of K-Pop dance practice videos.

Source: Reddit