Here’s 30+ K-Pop Things That Honestly Should Be An Olympic Sport

We’d all have gold medals.

We can’t all be Olympic athletes. Well, if we were, then the Olympics wouldn’t be as prestigious as it is. But, there are things that not only our favorite idols do, but also we do, especially as K-Pop stans that take skill, talent, and hard work to do. Being a fan of K-Pop is certainly not for the weak!

ESPN tweeted, “Name something that isn’t an Olympic sport, but feels like an Olympic sport.” They got over 10,000 replies and even more retweets. Yet, out of 32,000 retweets, we have compiled a list of a little over 30.

So, here are 30+ K-Pop things that honestly should be an Olympic sport…

1. Trying to catch your favs’ lives while they’re actually live

2. The Hongsam game

3. We can all agree that obtaining tickets for concerts without a doubt should be an Olympic sport

4. IU’s concert that went over 5 hours

5. He needs a raise

6. Honestly, every episode of Going Seventeen

7. The current score is…

8. Why isn’t this an Olympic sport yet?

9. Only the strongest contenders shall prevail

10. Those international updates

11. Trying to successfully pre-order any merch on Weverse Shop

12. NCT DREAM playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

13. He’s a runner, he’s a track star…

14. Also, GOT7 playing Rock, Paper, Scissors

15. Doing handstands on hoverboards

16. Taemin’s dancing

17. Live voting for K-music shows (especially when you’re not in Korea)

18. Placing bets on MinKey

19. This going to be wild

20. Only true athletes can persevere through

21. Stanning NCT

22. Playing ping-pong with random objects

23. This cameraman also deserves a raise!

24. SHINee are like already Olympians

25. Trying to understand instructions of games on Run BTS!

26. Trying to comment when there are limited replies

27. Crashing others’ live broadcasts

28. Waiting for hiatus to end

29. Hair ruffling

30. Extreme tag

31. “Can’t remember anything before ya…”

32. Collecting photocards

33. Ruling the charts

34. All of these cameramen need raises, seriously

35. lyOns are so strong

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