Here’s Another Look At The Top 50 K-Pop Songs Of 2020, According To Fans

Here’s another take on the best K-Pop songs of last year!

Recently, K-Pop fans on Reddit voted on what they believed to be the best songs of 2020. Of course, this kind of poll is always a matter of subjectivity, but it is interesting to see which songs get the most fan votes overall.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Popular polling website Ranker also recently created a poll for fans to vote on their top favorite K-Pop songs, and it’s interesting to look how different the results are based on their differing audiences!

TWICE’s Mina

These are what fans on the site believe to be the 50 best K-Pop songs that came out in 2020.


49. “Accio” by Berry Good

48. “Oopsy” by Weki Meki

47. “Helicopter” by CLC

46. “Play” by Chungha ft. Changmo

45. “Bad Girl” by woo!ah!

44. “Hug U” by DIA

43. “Let Me Go” by Crush & Taeyeon

42. “Wanna Be Myself” by MAMAMOO

41. “Woo!Ah!” by woo!ah!

40. “Tiger Eyes” by Ryu Sujeong

39. “Aloha Oe” by Cherry Bullet

38. “Gunshot” by KARD

37. “Better” by BoA

36. “Scream” by Dreamcatcher

35. “Zig Zag” by Weeekly

34. “Now or Never” by APRIL

33. “Girls” by NATURE

32. “Tag Me (@Me)” by Weeekly

31. “Not Shy” by ITZY

30. “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE


28. “So Bad” by STAYC

27. “God’s Menu” by Stray Kids

26. “Hmph!” by Cosmic Girls Chocome

25. “Why Not?” by LOONA

24. “Cool” by Weki Meki

23. “Butterfly” by Cosmic Girls

22. “Dumhdurum” by Apink

21. “Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

20. “Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

19. “Black Mamba” by aespa

18. “Criminal” by Taemin

17. “Feel Good (Secret Code)” by fromis_9

16. “Pporappippam” by Sunmi

15. “Dynamite” by BTS

14. “Naughty” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

13. “Bon Voyage” by YooA

12. “Nonstop” by Oh My Girl

11. “Back Door” by Stray Kids

10. “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” by NCT U


8. “Dolphin” by Oh My Girl

7. “Maria” by Hwasa

6. “Dingga” by MAMAMOO

5. “Secret Story of the Swan” by IZ*ONE


3. “I Can’t Stop Me” by TWICE

2. “Panorama” by IZ*ONE

1. “Who Dis?” by Secret Number

Source: Ranker