These Are The Top 25 Most-Watched K-Pop Female Artist MVs Of 2020

There have been so many awesome female artist MVs this year!

We recently looked at the top-watched K-Pop male artist MVs so far this year, and now it’s the ladies’ turn! These are the 25 most-watched female K-Pop music videos so far this year, all of which have over 25 million views, which is incredibly impressive. Check them out!

25. “Play” by Chungha (ft. Changmo)

Released on July 6, “Play” currently has 28.6 million views and 1.13 million likes!

24. “What You Waiting For” by Somi

Released on July 22, “What You Waiting For” currently has 29.1 million views and 1.85 million likes!

23. “Dessert” by Hyoyeon (ft. Loopy & (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon)

Released on July 22, “Dessert” currently has 29.6 million views and 1.23 million likes!

22. “Who Dis?” by Secret Number

Released on May 19, “Who Dis?” currently has 29.6 million views and 1.24 million likes!

21. “So What” by LOONA

Released on February 5, “So What” currently has 29.6 million views and 783.6k likes!

20. “Dumhdurum” by Apink

Released on April 13, “Dumhdurum” currently has 30.6 million views and 807.6k likes!

19. “Stay Tonight” by Chungha

Released on April 27, “Stay Tonight” currently has 31.8 million views and 1.14 million likes!

18. “Helicopter” by CLC

Released on September 2, “Helicopter” currently has 35.0 million views and 720.9k likes!

17. “Nunu Nana” by Jessi

Released on July 30, “Nunu Nana” currently has 39.8 million views and 1.30 million likes!

16. “Secret Story of the Swan” by IZ*ONE

Released on June 15, “Secret Story of the Swan” currently has 48.6 million views and 878.8k likes!

15. “Nonstop” by Oh My Girl

Released on April 27, “Nonstop” currently has 49.5 million views and 615.2k likes!

14. “Fiesta” by IZ*ONE

Released on February 17, “Fiesta” currently has 53.8 million views and 959.3k likes!


Released on September 21, “LA DI DA” currently has 58.9 million views and 1.17 million likes!

12. “Monster” by Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi

Released on July 6, “Monster” currently has 64.9 million views and 2.85 million likes!

11. “Dumdi Dumdi” by (G)I-DLE

Released on August 3, “Dumdi Dumdi” currently has 69.7 million views and 1.11 million likes!

10. “Eight” by IU (ft. BTS’s Suga)

Released on May 6, “Eight” currently has 95.4 million views and 4.65 million likes!

9. “Not Shy” by ITZY

Released on August 17, “Not Shy” currently has 106.7 million views and 2.68 million likes!

8. “Maria” by Hwasa

Released on June 29, “Maria” currently has 107.9 million views and 4.09 million likes!

7. “Oh My God” by (G)I-DLE

Released on April 6, “Oh My God” currently has 116.2 million views and 1.94 million likes!


Released on February 3, “DUN DUN” currently has 161.1 million views and 2.62 million likes!

5. “Lovesick Girls” by BLACKPINK

Released on October 1, “Lovesick Girls” currently has 162.6 million views and 9.55 million likes!

4. “More & More” by TWICE

Released on June 1, “More & More” currently has 195.7 million views and 4.19 million likes!


Released on March 9, “WANNABE” currently has 219.0 million views and 3.43 million likes!

2. “Ice Cream” by BLACKPINK (ft. Selena Gomez)

Released on August 27, “Ice Cream” currently has 337.0 million views and 13.9 million likes!

1. “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK

Released on June 26, “How You Like That” currently has 585.3 million views and 17.0 million likes!

Congratulations to all these top-viewed MVs!

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