K-Pop Training Directors Reveal The Most Memorable Idols They’ve Trained

Over the years, they’ve trained members of WINNER, Stray Kids, MONSTA X, OH MY GIRL, MOMOLAND, and more.

Together, chief director Stella and director Yoon Jin Hee have been helping to train idols in dance and vocals at MU:Academy for years. Over the years, they’ve trained some of the biggest stars of today, including members of WINNER, Stray Kids, MONSTA X, OH MY GIRL, MOMOLAND, fromis_9, and more. The pair say they remember all their successful trainees, but these stars stand out as the most memorable of all.

1. E-Tion (ONF)

When asked to name his most memorable former trainees, the first who came to mind for Yoon Jin Hee was ONF’s lead vocalist E-Tion—and it’s all because of how much he’s improved. According to the MU:Academy director, when E-Tion first started training, “he really wasn’t that good.”

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He was poorly skilled, really shy, and lacked many qualities.

— Yoon Jin Hee

However, with a lot of hard work, E-Tion turned his difficulties around completely. Yoon reveals that the ONF star “practiced diligently and continued to improve” during his time at the academy. On top of that, he was “very well-mannered.”

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After seeing E-Tion’s consistent growth and his confidence on stage today, Yoon Jin Hee says he’s “so proud” of the singer.

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2. Jisun (fromis_9)

As for Stella’s top pick, the chief director named fromis_9’s Jisun as her own most memorable trainee. In fact, Jisun even once made Stella cry.

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The chief director explained how Jisun dropped out of high school to pursue her dreams, attending MU:Academy as if it was a real school. On top of that, she’d been in and out of agencies, leaving Stella wondering what she needed to become an idol.

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But after a lot of hard work, Jisun made her way onto Mnet‘s survival show Idol School, rising all the way to first place in the finale. “I cried a lot watching it on TV,” Stella confessed, “because she’d been a student here for a very long time.”

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