These Are 9 Of The Most Unique K-Pop Album Designs, Determined By Fans

How many of these albums do you have?

One of the most fun and exciting parts of K-Pop is purchasing albums to unbox! They usually come with all kinds of goodies like photobooks, photocards, stickers, and a ton of other things depending on the album. There are some albums, however, that definitely stand out more than most, and the following 9 albums were chosen by fans on Reddit as some of the most unique designs! Whether the packaging is especially unique or the contents inside are, these albums are certainly interesting.

1. Pink Tape by f(x)

Not only is Pink Tape regarded as one of the best albums, musically, in all of K-Pop, the album design is really neat as well! The album box is designed exactly like a tape, and the CD design fits the theme as well.

2. Spellbound by TVXQ

This album packaging design is really unique as well! The box that it comes in looks like a giant playing card, and when you open it up, you’ll see the CD as well as a deck of useable playing cards, which serves as the photobook since it has pictures of all the members on the cards.

3. Take Over the Moon by WayV

While the actual packaging of this album is pretty standard, the design of it isn’t! The photobook is a gorgeous hardbound book with gold-edged pages, and the aesthetic of the pictures inside is really unique with a blend of European and Chinese inspirations.

4. The Power of Music by EXO

The Power of Music is an incredibly unique and complex album to unbox! It’s designed like a comic book, and inside the album packaging is loaded with photos and cards of the members describing them as though they’re superheroes with powers and stories. A comic book page is also included, and even the photocards fit the comic book theme.

5. Nonstop by Oh My Girl

The two versions of this album are both designed after board games! They come with a poster inside that’s set up like a board game, and even include a playing piece of one of the members. Definitely unique and adorable!

6. Banhana by Oh My Girl

Another Oh My Girl album known for its uniqueness is Banhana! This album packaging is designed like a Gameboy, and the aesthetic of the contents inside fit the old-school Gameboy themes with pixelated designs and a Gameboy-esque font.

7. Quantum Leap by X1

When you get both versions of this album side by side and pull out the boxes from the sleeves, you get a really cool optical illusion effect on the X design that the albums make! You also get a little mini photo stand of one of the members and a bookmark with one of the members along with a photocard.

8. Namanana by Lay

The celestial aesthetic and designs of this album are absolutely gorgeous. Even the CDs themselves have a gorgeously detailed design on them, and the album comes with a set of tarot cards with Lay’s pictures on them.

9. Growl by EXO

This is another album that isn’t super unique or intricate, but the design of the packaging itself is definitely different! The album has a spiral-bound design that makes flipping through the photobook albums a lot easier than normal, since the normal style of photobook can often be pretty stiff.

Source: Reddit
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