7 Most Unique Fandom Light Sticks In K-Pop

What would K-Pop be without these light sticks and fan chants?

Another fun aspect of K-Pop is the “fandom” culture, represented by the light sticks. Years since the OG K-Pop idol fans used to wave colored balloons in the air, this idea of having a “support item” represent the group and its fans has come a long way. Now there are battery-powered LED lit “light sticks” for each K-Pop idol and the designs only get better with each group. Check out some of the most unique fandom light sticks below!


7. EXO-L’s Pharynx

This light stick, in the shape of EXO‘s logo, actually lights up to 12 different colors. These sticks can be controlled by a central system at EXO concerts and performances to shine in a certain color. This unique light-switching feature has been used in clever ways to create unique vibes at EXO concerts. Fans love to feel united with the group, the music, and the rest of the fandom by holding up this LED light stick!


6. ARMY’s Army Bomb

BTS, A.R.M.Y, and the bomb-shaped light stick complete the bulletproof set. While many K-Pop groups choose to use their group logos to create the light sticks, BTS went for a more symbolic design. The unity in the concept of the group’s name, the fandom’s name, and the light stick design makes the “A.R.M.Y Bomb” quite unique.

It can also be used to fish, as done by Jin.


5. BLINK’s Hammer Bong

Now nicknamed the “Bl-Pink-Bbyong (블핑뿅, BLACPINK Bbyongmangchi / squeaky hammer)”, BLACKPINK‘s brand new light stick was designed by the members themselves. Though at first, the hammer-shaped design wasn’t quite what the fans expected, the bbyongmangchi BLACKPINK light stick is now adored among fans and others. Fans are going wild over the features of the lightstick, which includes the hammerhead reacting to music by blinking…

… but mainly for the squeaky hammer toy sound when used as a hammer (R.I.P Minion).


4. INNER CIRCLE’s I.C. Stick

WINNER fans, members of the INNER CIRCLE, have a light stick that is often praised by other fandoms for its trophy-like, beautiful design. The big WINNER logo on top of the light stick would make any one who holds it feel like a true winner. This light stick also has the “reaction mode” which will make the light stick blink to the beat when activated. The blue-purple light creates a galaxy-like vibe when the fans turn on their light sticks at the concert. Former member Nam Tae Hyun referred to the fans holding light sticks as “the universe”, and since then the word has been used by the boy group to refer to or hint at the fans.

“Looks like the universe.” — Nam Tae Hyun (Former Member)


3. MOOMOO’s Moo-bong

When MAMAMOO named the group’s fandom MOOMOOs, no one knew how far this reference to “Moo (무, radish)” will go. Only when the “Moo-bong (무봉, radish stick)” was released as the official light stick, did MAMAMOO realize they are forever trapped in the radish world. Fortunately, the “moo-bong” was beloved by the fans, not only for how adorable it is, but also for what it stands for – loyalty. Upon receiving their digital radishes, the MOOMOOs looked back to the times when they actually took radishes to concerts because they didn’t have official light sticks yet. The loyalty remains, with the power of the digital “moo-bong”.

The “moo-bong” is also quite well known to be extremely bright and blinding.


2. ONCE’s Candy Bong

TWICE’s “Candy Bong” was inspired by their song “Candy Boy” from their debut album. The colors match their official group colors, Apricot and Neon Magenta, and the light stick colors can be controlled by a phone app and by a central control during concerts. Additionally, the Candy Bong doubles as a nightlight and has both sleep mode and party mode!

Just look at that color change! Candy Bong Ocean sounds so sweet!


1. VIP’s Bang Stick

While many groups have had multiple versions of their official light sticks, BIGBANG is especially unique in that fans can customize their light sticks with accessories and change the head of the lights ticks to the different versions. So much versatility! One of the oldest light sticks is also the most customizeable.

It’s also among the top-selling light sticks in the world!