8 More K-Pop Urban Legends That Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew

Do you believe these legends?

Psst! Have you ever heard a story about your favorite idol that sounds just good enough to be believable? If you’ve been around in the K-Pop world long enough, you’ve probably heard plenty of urban legends that you can’t help but believe there’s at least a little grain of truth to them. So we’ve compiled a few of them here and while these stories might not have the proof to back them up, there’s just enough news around each one to make everyone believe they’re true.


1. BTS almost disbanded during “N.O” era

Every BTS stan knows that the group almost didn’t get off the ground when they were trainees but there has been another rumor going around that BTS was very close to disbanding during their “N.O” era.


The story often goes one of two ways. The first is that the group didn’t have enough money to continue promoting and were only saved by some loans that Bang Si Hyuk took out. The other states that they almost disbanded because of unsuccessful fan meetings and the issue with GLAM.


While there are many people who don’t believe this story because of all the awards BTS were winning at the time, there is just enough buzz around the story to keep everyone guessing.


2. Former Wonder Girls member Sohee and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon were dating

G-Dragon has seen his fair share of dating rumors throughout the years but one of the most popular is that he was dating former Wonder Girls member Sohee around 2007.


The ship began to set sail when BIGBANG and Wonder Girls had frequent collaborations on stage with each other. Shippers pointed to evidence of matching outfits and accessories, as well as the time G-Dragon allegedly gave Sohee a laptop inscribed with his initials.


Even today some people still believe that the two dated but since neither one has confirmed it, we will always be left wondering.


3. Junhyeok was kicked out of DAY6 for dating a fan

Although JYP Entertainment officially stated the reason for Junhyeok‘s departure from the group was for personal reasons, there are many fans that believe it was because he was secretly dating a fan.


It all came down to a few posts made on a fan’s SNS accounts that hinted she was dating an idol. Other fans began to suspect it was Junhyeok and found some posts that he had allegedly made flirting with a fan.

JH: Mm, I remembered you because I saw you for the first time on Instagram ㅋㅋ
Fan: Ah, I guess you didn’t see me at your concert ㅜㅜ You clicked a heart on my Instagram picture, right?
JH: No, no! I saw you before and recognized you at our fan meet and realized you came! and remembered you ever since ㅋㅋ
and you’re right, I did click like.. ㅋㅋ and deleted it again ㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: I see! I feel honored ㅎㅎ
JH: Why would you ㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: Well you’re oppa after all! Im Jun Hyuk!!


Since JYP Entertainment rookies were banned from dating some people believe that’s the real reason he left the group while others believe it might have had something to do with the media pressure surrounding the scandal.


4. An entire company was built for a single singer who would later disappear from the public’s eye

If you’ve been around long enough you might remember the debut of Baek Ji Hyun, otherwise known as Ori.


After receiving a ton of harsh criticism from her debut stage in 2009, she disappeared from the public eye but that hasn’t stopped some people from believing that her father created a no longer existing company just for her debut.


5. A member of Rainbow was dating a producer from Sweetune and their breakup resulted in the group never working with Sweetune again

Rainbow used to work together a lot with Sweetune but after “Mach” the collaborations suddenly stopped.


This got some people thinking that one of the members of Rainbow had secretly been dating one of the producers from Sweetune and their subsequent breakup was the real reason for the end of the collaborations.


6. There were leaked staff notes detailing EXO Baekhyun and Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and EXO Kai and f(x) Krystal’s relationships before they were going out

Around 2012, some fans allegedly found some staff notes that discussed the long-term plans for EXO that included Baekyun and Taeyeon‘s relationship, as well as, Kai and Krystal‘s.


If these notes are real that means SM Entertainment predicted both relationships before they actually happened. Conspiracy or not, you decide!


7. EXO’s Lay didn’t actually show up during CBX’s promotions for “Blooming Days”

Remember in April when every EXO-L was happy to hear the news that Lay had flown to Korea to support Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun at their practice for “Blooming Days”? Well, there are some people that believe that he never actually came. And they could be right since we have no pictures of them together to satisfy our curiosity!

Image result for exo lay cbx
The only photos of CBX with Lay around this time were from the subunits stay in China!


8. Kim Yeoshin or “The idol killer”

And what urban legend list wouldn’t be complete with something terrifying! Although she isn’t talked about as much anymore, the so-called “idol killer” was literally blamed for every bad thing that happened in K-Pop.  It seems like most tragedies and scandals can be linked back to her, but no one actually knows if she exists or not!

She’s said to have sabotaged Ladies’ Code‘s car, poisoned B.A.P‘s Himchan, spiked TVXQ Yunho‘s drink with super glue, and stalked INFINITE‘s Dongwoo.