Send These Perfect K-Pop Valentine Memes To A Fellow Fan

The key to any heart is memes. And K-Pop.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for couples. It can also be for sending your favorite K-Pop fan a heartwarming letter (or meme). We’ve helped you out by collecting a few below.

1. A personal message from J-Hope to your favorite ARMY

This card is sure to light up anyone’s life— just like the sunshine boy himself.

| @ayeeejasmine/Pinterest

2. Remind a fellow Shawol just how much they SHINee

Every heart needs a sassy Key to keep them on their toes!

| @AllK_Maknae/allkpop

3. For NCTzens, it’s all or nothing

NCTzens will make room for you in their heart next to 23 members after receiving this Valentine.

| uwunnie/Tumblr

4. You’ll only need to ask them ONCE

Asking them TWICE would be more than enough.

| twice2020reborn/blogspot

5. Make them STAY by your side with this card

Aegyo can melt even the toughest of hearts…probably. If not, then Changbin definitely will.

| @jypjisungie/Tumbral

6. Whether you got one friend or GOT7, tell them this

IGOT7’s aren’t too left or in the middle, but just right.

| jb : the only man to ever exist/aminoapps

7. Don’t Merry-Go-Round breaking my heart

Make their heart beat out of their chest with precious MOMOLAND— er, I mean your charm.

| uwunnie/Tumblr