30+ Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Male Visuals Of The 3rd K-Pop Generation Are Blessed

The world is better off knowing that these beautiful, talented men exist.

While the visual position of a K-Pop group can be a bit of a controversial one — every idol is beautiful in their own way! — there are still those that have been given the title and have flawlessly lived up to the expectations. The third generation of K-Pop has some truly remarkable visual idols, and they always deserve some recognition! Here are 30+ reasons why these guys are truly blessed, and truly bless fans.

1. Jin (BTS)

He has so often gone viral by people that don’t even know his name, who just give him some kind of recognizable title:

Brands love to use him for advertising, and for obvious reasons:

Photographers say he “makes their job easy”:

2. Jinyoung & Mark (GOT7)

Not only are they both incredibly handsome, but also amazingly talented:

Aren’t these pictures evidence enough for Jinyoung??

Neither of these boys need a drop of makeup to look absolutely fine:

3. Minhyuk & Hyungwon (MONSTA X)

Even they get flustered by each others’ cuteness:

They also work well as a team:

There are articles specifically dedicated to promote and fawn over their beauty:

4. Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu, & Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Jeonghan can pull off basically any style or haircut:

Joshua has the ability to go from cute-handsome to sexy-handsome without any effort:

Seriously, all of the SEVENTEEN visuals can pull off any aesthetic:

Vernon doesn’t know how to NOT give visuals:

5. Taeyong & Jaehyun (NCT 127)

Even though the type of visuals they have are totally different, they’re still undeniably gorgeous:

Even other idols recognize Jaehyun’s (and Jeno’s!) actor-like visuals:

Along with being a visual, Taeyong is skilled in so many other roles!

6. Jeno & Jaemin (NCT Dream)

How can anyone’s day not be made better by this?

Day or night vibes, they both look stunning in either:

Being supportive of each other only makes them that much more beautiful!

7. Eunwoo (ASTRO)

He helps lead the way for all kinds of new fans to fall in love with ASTRO:

His bare face and smile are basically pure sunshine (with some MJ thrown in for good measure!):

Even fellow idols vote him as the most handsome among them!

8. Song (iKON)

Talk about pure talent to go with those visuals (and Bobby too!):

He could so easily be a model:

These close-ups should say it all:

9. Yanan (PENTAGON)

It’s hard to be convinced that he isn’t an angel:

Yet another visual with a whole lot of talent:

Red has never looked so good:

10. Rowoon (SF9)

He’s as hard-working as he is handsome:

His stage presence is seriously no joke:

We stan a multi-talented visual!