8 Words & Phrases That Netizens Want To Remove From K-Pop Stans’ Vocabulary

They all have negative connotations.

K-Pop stans can be incredibly harsh and hateful towards artists they don’t follow and fans of such artists. There are some commonly used words thrown around in such social circles that can be used incorrectly or just used to hurt others, oftentimes used without provocation. A recent post on Reddit asked K-Pop fans to share what words they wish could be magically removed from these stans’ vocabularies, and there were a lot of responses! Here are 8 of the most common words suggested on the post, as well as their definitions from Urban Dictionary (when available) to give some context.

1. “Gaslight”

Urban Dictionary definition: “When you lie or manipulate someone, and make them feel crazy for reacting how they react & make them believe their gut isn’t true. You make them feel like their over reacting once you get them angry, or you get them mad and then make them feel crazy for being mad. Basically when you manipulate events and situations to make the victim feel crazy, and switch the blame.”

2. “Outsold”

Urban Dictionary definition: “Stan Twitter language meaning something is better than something else. Commonly used to talk about artists’ sales but can be applied to other things.”

3. “Problematic”

Urban Dictionary definition: “A catch-all insult used to negatively describe something you don’t like, but can’t describe why.”

4. “Mistreated”

No Urban Dictionary definition available, but pretty self-explanatory.

5. “Flop”

Urban Dictionary definition: “To not achieve wanted results or to fail miserably.”

6. “Western Validation”

Urban Dictionary definition: “To promote a globally successful artist/artists in a xenophobic industry. Sometimes through collaborations with lesser know Western performers that cater to the lowest common denominator of taste and appreciation.”

7. “Visual Hole”

Urban Dictionary definition: “A visual hole is a term that is usually used in K-Pop to describe a member that lets down the whole of the rest of the group based on their looks. They are considered the least attractive.”

8. “Girlies”

No Urban Dictionary definition available, but explained pretty well in the Reddit comments.

Source: Reddit