9 Words & Phrases That Should Be Banned From K-Pop Stans’ Vocabulary, According To Fans Themselves

Do you agree that they’re toxic?

Some K-Pop stans can be incredibly harsh and hateful towards artists they don’t follow, as well as to fans of such artists. There are some commonly used words thrown around in such social circles that can be used incorrectly or just used to hurt others, oftentimes used without provocation. A recent post on Reddit asked K-Pop fans to share what words they think should be banned from stans’ vocabularies, and there were a lot of responses! Here are 9 of the most common words suggested on the post.

1. “Mistreated”

2. “Problematic”

3. “Nugu”

4. “Pick Me”

5. “Paved the Way”

6. “Noise Music”

7. “Flop”

8. “Dozen”

9. “Stan”

Source: Reddit