The 5 Worst Follow-Ups To Breakthrough K-Pop Hits, According To Fans

Do you agree with their choices?

When it comes to music released by K-Pop artists, not every song can be an improvement from the last one. Sometimes a song becomes such a massive hit that there’s practically no way to follow up with something equally as well-received by the general public, and that’s okay! There have been some occasions, though, where fans feel like a group’s company really fumbled the bag when choosing what songs to release after a particularly successful comeback. The topic was recently discussed on Reddit, and these are five of the most significant instances of poor follow-ups to successful releases, according to fans.

1. CLC (“Hobgoblin” to “Where Are You?”)

2. Weeekly (“After School” to “Holiday Party”/”Ven Para”)

3. NATURE (“Girls” to “Rica Rica”)


5. MOMOLAND (“BBoom BBoom” to “BAAM”)

Source: Reddit
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