If K-Pop’s Bunny Idols Were Actually Bunnies This Is What They Would Be

If these famous bunnies of K-Pop idols were magically turned into cute little rabbits, this is the kind of bunny they would be.

miss A Suzy – Lionhead 

These breeds are friendly and well-mannered animals, which is certainly Suzy’s personality. Lionheads are also considered one of the smartest domestic breeds and can pick up new skills!

Image: Pets4Homes

GOT7 Yugyeom – Holland Lop

These little guys like to run! Holland Lop’s are known for being active and spending time outdoors. These rabbits are known for making excellent friends! That sounds just like Yugyeom.

Source: Thinglink

BTS Jungkook – Rex

Much like the Rex breed, Jungkook has wonderful characteristics such as beauty, a friendly and calm nature.  However, don’t be fooled, because both Jungkook and these rabbits also tend to be very active and even a little competitive!

TWICE Dahyun – Mini Lop

Dahyun is incredibly cute, small, and hard to resist.  So if she were a rabbit, she would totally be this one.


TWICE Nayeo – Himalayan 

These rabbits are friendly, easy-going, beautiful and very affectionate so Nayeon would totally be of this breed!

Image: Pets4Homes

Lovelyz Yein – Florida White Rabbit

This breed is pure and growing extremely popular, just like Lovelyz maknae Yein.

Source: Pinterest 

CLC Yoojin – Havana Rabbit

Yoojin is most like this breed of rabbit because of her strong and determined personality.

EXO Xiumin – Thrianta Rabbits

Xiumin is soft spirited with a very kind nature that he is loved by those of all ages, just like this breed of rabbit.

Source: NI

NCT’s Doyoung – Belgian Hare

This idol is elegant both on the inside and out.  Doyoung’s appearance is very elegant and attractive and he’s he’s also incredibly intelligent and makes everyone fall in love with him… Just like this beloved breed!


UP10TION’s Sunyoul – Dutch Rabbit

This breed is calm, friendly, shy, and small.  So, Sunyoul may reincarnate as a dutch rabbit, because he is certainly fit to be one.

Source: Omlet

iKON Bobby – Continental Giant Rabbit

Big and loveable these bunnies are curious and calm, and they thrive on human interactions and relationships!

Image: Freewebs

Red Velvet Irene – Columbia Pasin Pygmy

This is one of the smallest sweetest bunnies in the whole world.