These 10 “I-LAND 2” Auditions Are Going Viral Right Now

Some of these undiscovered talents could end up competing to be in BE:LIFT LAB’s new girl group…

Since Mnet and HYBE announced this week that they’re officially accepting applications for I-LAND 2—the female version of the reality show that created ENHYPEN last year—aspiring idols have been flocking to YouTube to share their audition videos. Here are ten undiscovered hopefuls who you may be seeing on screens soon if their viral audition views are anything to go by.

1. Nayla

17-year-old Indonesian dancer Nayla Tiaraa‘s audition is one of the most-watched so far, racking up 650,000 views in just three days. In her video, Nayla danced to “Into the I-LAND” from the show’s first season.

2. Nabila

14-year-old Nabila Ayu from Indonesia has reached 550,000 views with her audition video in around six days. Singing BoA‘s “No.1,” Nabila showed off her vocal skills to wow the judges.

3. Tori

For her audition video, 18-year-old Tori danced to PIXY‘s “Wings.” So far, she’s reached 430,000 views in just five days.

4. Cella

With 350,000 views in six days, 19-year-old Cella from Indonesia auditioned for I-LAND 2 with a cover of BLACKPINK Lisa‘s recent solo debut, “LALISA.”

5. Nea

16-year-old Nea Jjang auditioned for the show with a dance cover of ITZY‘s “Wannabe” choreography—which features the notoriously difficult “shoulder dance”—racking up 240,000 views in four days.

6. Tya

16-year-old Tya from Indonesia uploaded a vocal audition to her YouTube channel and reached 210,000 views in three days. For her clip, she covered Jessie J’s “Price Tag.”

7. Jessica

Opting to sing two songs for her audition, 20-year-old Alexandra Jessica covered Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and “ONLY” by Lee Hi. Over the past four days, Indonesian Jessica’s video has reached 210,000 views.

8. Macy

One of the few rappers with a viral YouTube audition is Rhianne Macy, who reached 190,000 views with her “Bang Bang” rendition over the course of five days.

9. Mika

17-year-old Mika decided to showcase both vocals and dance, singing live to the English version of ITZY’s “Not Shy” while dancing to the energetic choreo. Within two days, her audition video has 160,000 views.

10. Sharie

Sharie, a 17-year-old from the Philippines, also chose to dance to “LALISA” for her audition. Over the past two days, she’s reached 150,000 views on YouTube.

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