10+ Pre-Debut Instagram Posts Of LAPILLUS’ Chanty That Just Scream “Pinoy”

You won’t see any other K-Pop idol account like this 😂

LAPILLUS‘s Chanty is the first Filipino-Argentinian K-Pop idol. Before debuting in MLD Entertainment‘s newest girl group, she was an actress and model in the Philippines.

LAPILLUS’s Chanty | @official.lapillus/Instagram

As such, her Instagram account is full of Pinoy-related posts that can’t be found in any other K-Pop idol account.

Check out some examples of this below!

1. When she wore a face shield

First up, she was one of the millions of Filipinos who were required to wear face shields when going out.

2. When she celebrated the Philippine’s win in Miss Universe

She was a proud Pinoy when Catriona Gray brought home the beauty pageant crown!

3. When she guested on TV5

We’ve all seen a poster announcing a celebrity guesting like this one!

4. When she supported ABS-CBN

As a former Star Magic artist, she was a staunch supporter of network ABS-CBN amidst its government crackdown.

5. When she joined the “TALA” dance challenge

“Tala” by Sarah Geronimo was a viral hit in the Philippines, and Chanty danced it in noontime show Its Showtime.

6. When she met other famous Filipino celebrities

She was an ecstatic fan who got to hug actress Julia Barretto, take a photo with Joshua Garcia and Liza Soberano, and snap a group shot with many more artists.

Picture with my sweetest ate👭
Feeling Blessed for Getting to know these Beautiful People🤩….

— Chanty

7. When she starred in an ABS-CBN telenovela

She played the character of Lena in the 2019 Filipino drama Starla.

Her photo with the cast showed a glimpse of the set that is reminiscent of many Filipino neighborhoods.

8. When she went to the annual ABS-CBN ball

Only a select few artists can attend this highly anticipated event.

Needless to say, Chanty looked stunning!

9. When she wore a Filipino school uniform

She was with her Hiwagang Kambat castmates in a classic white uniform.

10. When she went on a trip to Tagaytay

She frequented the city of Tagaytay during the Holy Week break.

11. When she had a picture of herself in her junior high school graduation

This isn’t an uncommon sight in Filipino graduation events.

12. When she attended her church event

Chanty posted a long message after attending the 2019 Manila Temple Lighting event of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

13. And when she took a photo with MOMOLAND

Finally, MOMOLAND was a viral hit in the Philippines when “BOOM BOOM” was released, and Chanty was a lucky fan who got to meet them!

A few years later, she’s now in the same company as them!

| @official.lapillus/Instagram

Source: Instagram