Here’s What We Know About LAPILLUS’s Chanty’s 7 Siblings

“My family is too noisy…”

LAPILLUS‘s Chanty was the latest K-Pop idol to introduce their family through NADOL‘s IDOL FAMILY.

LAPILLUS’s Chanty | @offclLapillus/Twitter

In her IDOL FAMILY episode, Chanty is given a mission to call one of her family members and end the call by saying, “I love you.”

When asked who she would call, Chanty hilariously responded, “My family doesn’t answer when I call…” She shared she has a tried and true method to get someone to respond to her.

The odds of getting someone to respond are in her favor as Chanty revealed she has seven siblings!

Chanty disclosed she has four older brothers and three younger sisters, making her the fifth child in the family. She lovingly described her family as noisy, playful, and funny.

Here’s what she shared about her siblings:

1. Oldest brother

Her oldest brother was born in 1994, and she shared he is a good cook. He also has a son, who  Chanty was able to speak to later in the episode.

2. Second oldest brother

Her second oldest brother was born in 1997 and is more reserved with a quiet personality. She revealed that he is scary when he gets mad.

3. Third oldest brother

Her third oldest brother works with her father and has many talents. He was born in 1999, and Chanty revealed she feels closest to him.

4. Fourth oldest brother

Chanty’s fourth brother was born in 2000, and she shared that he often copies his older brother born in 1999. If he sees his older brother doing something, he’ll want to do it too, but hilariously denies it if you ask him.

Chanty was born the first daughter in the family in 2002.

5. Younger sister

In 2004, Chanty’s first sister was born. She is shy, intelligent, and very creative. She’s good at drawing, and Chanty admitted her sister sings better than the idol. She feels closest to her younger sister and her third oldest brother.

6. Second youngest sister

Chanty’s second sister was born in 2011, and Chanty admits that she often feels a generational gap with her due to their age difference.

7. Youngest sister

She didn’t disclose the age of her youngest sister but said she was an “active baby” with a lot of energy. Chanty has high hopes for her future, sharing that she believes her youngest sister will become an idol or a model when she’s older.

Check out the fun interview below to learn more about Chanty’s family dynamic!