Here’s The Latest Pose To Take Over The K-Pop World—And No, It’s Not A Heart

Step aside, heart poses.

K-Pop idols love posing cutely in front of the camera, and they definitely make for some adorable pictures! Throughout the years, several poses have gained popularity among idols, eventually making their way all over the world. You may be familiar with the classic heart pose…

Or the more recent finger heart pose.

But get ready for this: the cat pose, which has been making rounds in recent months.

Love it or hate it, here are 12 idols who have started doing cat poses!

1. San (ATEEZ)

San may have a more “bad boy” image, but doing cat poses definitely makes him appear more gentle.

| @chalcoholic/Twitter


ONEUS‘s RAVN is another idol whose cuteness seems to explode when he does this pose.

3. Yiyeon (BVNDIT)

The multitalented Yiyeon is always super cute, but cat ears just take her to a whole new level!

4. Hyunsuk (CIX)

CIX‘s Hyunsuk could do literally any pose and he’d still be too attractive for his own good.


As the maknae of SEVENTEEN, it comes as no surprise to see how perfectly Dino suits cute cat ears!

6. Kangmin (VERIVERY)

Kangmin already appears to have cat-like visuals, so this pose was practically made for him.

7. Joohoney (MONSTA X)

Don’t let Joohoney‘s masculine appearance and intense stage presence fool you—he’s an actual fluffball when you get to know him!

8. Sungjin (DAY6)

With his all-black outfit and jet black hair in this picture, Sungjin could pass as a black cat in real life.

9. Hongjoong (ATEEZ)

Hongjoon‘s kind and approachable visuals complement his adorable cat ears.

10. J-US (ONF)

J-US gives off boy next door vibes in most of his pictures, and the addition of the cat pose only adds to his appeal!

11. Felix (Stray Kids)

Felix‘s feline facial features and slim body make him appear to be the human version of a graceful cat.

12. TOO

Last but not the least, boy group TOO is also on-trend with this picture of them doing the cat pose!


Source: theqoo