What Goes Through The Minds Of LE SSERAFIM’s Chaewon And Kazuha When They Do The Iconic Floor Move In “Unforgiven”

Not everyone can pull this off.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Chaewon and Kazuha recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine. Here, they talked about a variety of topics ranging from their history to the challenges they face when dancing.


Related to the latter, the interviewer brought up one of the highlights of the “Unforgiven” dance: “You can see [your determination] in your choreography for that part too. It shows in the way you fall to your knees and crawl forward, and also in your eyes.”

They had different thoughts going through their heads when dancing this scene. Check them out below!

1. Chaewon

To begin, Chaewon is the first of the two to dance the iconic floor move. This is the part of the entire choreography that she wants fans to notice the most.

I hope people pay attention to that part where I crawl. I was trying to show on my face how, even if I was too weak to walk after a huge adversity, I would keep moving forward even if it meant crawling all the way. The choreography really highlights our facial expressions so we worked extra hard on getting them right. It would’ve looked awkward and weird if it was even a little off (laughs) so I put a lot of thought and time into perfecting it.

— Chaewon

Training her facial expressions was key. Chaewon made sure to internalize the lyrics first before figuring out what expressions would match them best. She found out that practicing the latter in her bathroom worked better than doing so in the practice room.

First I try to understand the lyrics fully and then look for facial expressions that are fitting. For me, I like going to the bathroom before bed and practicing in the mirror with the music on rather than doing it in the practice room. It works really well. I get inspired there, I guess. (laughs) It would be too embarrassing to have members watch and coach each other, not to mention everybody does it well on their own.

— Chaewon

2. Kazuha

Kazuha also talked about the choreography in her solo Weverse Magazine interview. She shifted from a sad expression to one of determination and confidence as she sang the lyrics.

For ‘UNFORGIVEN,’ I thought it was important I look like the real me, so I practiced that. For the part where I’m crawling, I was going for a sad, tired girl in the rain at first, then when it goes, ‘target taboos,’ I made a strong, determined face, and for the ‘watch me now’ part I did a sort of twisted, confident smirk.

— Kazuha

The performance director of Source Music, the person in charge of the girls’ overall singing and dancing, paid extra attention to this part of the song. Kazuha worked hard to live up to her expectations, practicing with a slow version of the song before being able to do all the expressions at once.

The performance director told me I should switch between those three expressions and I did my best to make it work. It’s actually a really fast song and it’s frazzling thinking about the movements, facial expressions, all the feedback—so I practiced it at 0.7x speed first and then went from there.

— Kazuha

Check out LE SSERAFIM’s music video for “Unforgiven” below if you have yet to see it!

Source: Weverse Magazine


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