LE SSERAFIM Choose The Emojis That Represent Them The Best, And Their Choices Are 98% Accurate

We’re docking 2% since there’s no proper cheetah emoji.

In an interview with ELLE KOREA, LE SSERAFIM chose the emojis that they thought represented them the best, and despite all the laughter and teasing, their chosen emojis are almost 100% accurate.

| 엘르 코리아_ELLE KOREA/YouTube

1. Eunchae

Eunchae chose three emojis to represent herself, and the first was a baby emoji. As the maknae of LE SSERAFIM, she’s doted on by all the other members and has even earned the nickname Baby Eunchae from FEARNOTs.

Her second emoji was the grinning squinting face. It’s the exact expression Eunchae has when she bursts into loud laughter, and much like the sun, she’s full of warmth and bright light.

The final emoji she chose was the sleeping emoji because she sleeps the most out of all the members. And when she misses out on activities, it’s usually because she was fast asleep, and none of the members had the heart to wake her up.

When the other members said they did something, I had no idea. When I asked them, ‘Why am I the only one who doesn’t know that?’, they said, ‘You were sleeping!’

— Eunchae

2. Chaewon

LE SSERAFIM’s choices weren’t 100% accurate, thanks to the fact there was no cheetah emoji, so Chaewon had to choose the next closest emoji — a tiger. Fans often call Chaewon a baby cheetah because she looks just like one, and it’s definitely her favorite nickname.

3. Sakura

Every idol group has a member that’s like a dog and one that’s like a cat, and for LE SSERAFIM, Sakura is their cat representative. She’s also known for her beautiful eyes, and Yunjin still can’t get over her amazement at how big Sakura’s eyes are.

Like any close friendship, the members can’t help but playfully tease each other. Sakura shared that whenever she’s surprised, the rest of LE SSERAFIM make a fuss about being careful, or her eyes might fall off.

4. Yunjin

Yunjin shared that she chose the snake and puppy emojis. Yunjin was born in the year of the snake and has frequently expressed her love for the animal, but she also chose the puppy emoji because fans often compare her to a golden retriever.

5. Kazuha

Finally, Kazuha revealed why she chose the peach and spiral eye emojis. While the peach wasn’t her first choice, she picked it because of her legendary moment when she argued that people have two butts, as you can move each cheek separately.

Her second emoji was the spiral eye emoji because it gave off somewhat mysterious vibes. Kazuha often says there’s a lot more to her than she’s shown fans so far, and we can’t wait to see more of her hidden charms.