Here Is What We Know About The Siblings Of LE SSERAFIM’s Members

Only one is confirmed to be an only child!

Since LE SSERAFIM is still a very young group, we’re learning new information about the members all of the time. We do know a little more about Sakura and Chaewon as past IZ*ONE members, but they’re getting more time to shine and show their personality in the smaller group they’re in now! Some fans might be curious to learn more about the siblings of this talented girl group, and though some have kept relatively quiet about their families, we do know some information from what they’ve been comfortable sharing. Here is what we know about the siblings of LE SSERAFIM’s members!

1. Sakura


Sakura is the oldest member of LE SSERAFIM, and also seems to be the oldest child in her family with a younger brother named Sotaro! He’s actually her step-brother, as she was the only child born from her parents who separated when she was just a year old. He was born in 2010 after her mom remarried, making him 12 years younger than she is!

2. Chaewon


Chaewon is the only member of LE SSERAFIM that we know of that has an older sister! She was born in 1994, making her six years older than Chaewon who was born in 2000. They seem to have a very close and touching relationship, as evidenced by the comment her sister once left on one of Chaewon’s teasers.

3. Yunjin


Unfortunately, Yunjin hasn’t really shared much about her family life yet, so we don’t know if she’s an only child or if she has siblings that she just hasn’t spoken about yet!

4. Kazuha


Kazuha is the only member of LE SSERAFIM that’s confirmed to be an only child! Being in the group has given her the experience of having both younger and older sisters, which she has commented on before.

5. Garam


Garam is another member of the group that has a younger brother! He’s reportedly 7 years old, and it sounds like though he doesn’t quite understand what Garam’s career is, he’s very supportive of her.

6. Eunchae


And finally, LE SSERAFIM’s maknae Eunchae seems to also be the youngest in her family! She has an older brother, and he seems to be particularly excited that she got to debut with Chaewon! Apparently she was his bias when she was in IZ*ONE, which is adorable.