LE SSERAFIM Members Saw Spike In Followers Post-Coachella, But Their Vocal Controversy Changed That

Despite this setback, it’s clear that LE SSERAFIM’s global recognition is on the rise.

The aftermath of LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella debut in 2024 brought a rollercoaster of social media reactions for the members.

Initially, the performance seemed to have garnered positive attention, as evidenced by a significant spike in Instagram followers for the group’s members. However, the uptick was short-lived for some, as the vocal controversy surrounding their live show shifted the social media numbers as well as the public’s opinion.

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1. Sakura

Sakura, one of the group’s most recognizable faces, had over 11.068 million followers just 12 hours before their set. The day after, she saw an increase of 12,217 followers. Yet, in the days that followed, a reversal occurred, with a loss of over 6,600, bringing her count to approximately 11.078 million.

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2. Yunjin

Similarly, Yunjin — who started with over 9.871 million followers — gained 12,699 the day after the group’s Coachella debut. However, she subsequently saw a decrease, losing over 2,600 followers, and her count settled at roughly 9.880 million three days later.

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3. Chaewon

In contrast, Chaewon’s followers continued to climb. From 9.3 million followers before the festival, she gained an additional 9,047, and notably, she did not experience the drop that her groupmates did, with her tally increasing to about 9.318 million followers three days post-Coachella.

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4. Kazuha

Unfortunately, Kazuha and Eunchae faced declines similar to Sakura and Yunjin. Kazuha, after an initial gain of 4,163 followers, lost over 6,000, bringing her down to 7.332 million.

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5. Eunchae

Meanwhile, Eunchae’s followers peaked with a 3,002 increase but then dropped by more than 6,000, resulting in a total of 6.002 million three days after the event.

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The official LE SSERAFIM account, however, tells a different story. With an impressive gain of 17,084 followers the day after their Coachella performance, the account didn’t suffer a loss. While the increase in new followers slowed down, the account still saw growth, reaching nearly 8.948 million followers three days later.

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The fluctuating follower counts of LE SSERAFIM members reflect the volatile nature of public opinion, especially in the face of controversy. While initial interest in their Coachella performance drove a surge in online following, the subsequent vocal criticism led to a noticeable impact on their individual social media presence.

Despite this setback, it’s clear that LE SSERAFIM’s global recognition is on the rise, and public interest remains high.

Source: KpopRadar


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