LE SSERAFIM Was Confused When They Visited An Internet Café…Then There Was Gaming Pro Sakura

Here are 4 times she showed her experience!

LE SSERAFIM is a group with various charms! The five-member girl group from SOURCE MUSIC and HYBE have been constantly updating fans through their YouTube content.

In an episode of LENIVERSE, the girls visited an internet café to play games together. It was soon clear which members were used to the “PC Bang” scene and which thought of it as a new experience.

Spoiler alert: Sakura was a total pro! She showed this in small ways many times throughout the video.

Check out some examples of this below!


1. Gaming Gear

First up, the members were gaping at the computers in front of them the moment they sat down.

Chaewon: It’s been so long since I was in an internet cafe.

Kazuha: It looks like a K-Drama!

Sakura, meanwhile, was already in her gamer mode. In fact, the first thing she did was to configure her mouse so its settings were exactly to her liking!

2. Gaming Experience

Sakura was also the first to respond to maknae Eunchae‘s question about her chair, one of the most important pieces of equipment for gamers. Here, the latter tried to adjust her seat so she could lean back comfortably.

How do you lean this chair back? It’s so uncomfortable.

— Eunchae

Sakura contradicted her slightly by saying that there was no need to lean back in the first place. They will soon get invested in the game anyway, so much so that they will stick their faces nearer to the computer instead of moving away.

You don’t lean back. When you play games, you go like this.

— Sakura

3. Leaning Back

Similarly, Sakura also knew the right answer as soon as Eunchae asked, “How do I lean [my chair] back?”

She demonstrated where to find the lever on the chair and how to pull it down—exactly like someone who’s done so countless times before!

4. Food Ordering

Finally, besides the actual gameplay, Sakura was also well versed in the ways of the Korean internet cafe world. She helped Kazuha when she wondered how to order food, leaning over to open the online menu for her as if she’s done it hundreds of times before.

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is one of the most popular K-Pop idols when it comes to games. Even when she was still exclusively a J-Pop idol, she already filmed her gameplay and held livestreams online. Her YouTube videos on these easily garnered hundreds of thousands to millions of views each.

Check out the full LE SSERAFIM episode below!

Source: YouTube