LE SSERAFIM Recommends These 5 Songs For Fans To Listen To, And They Each Reflect Their Unique Personalities

#4 picked a special one!

LE SSERAFIM has song suggestions for you! In an interview with Weverse Magazine, they each shared the old and new songs they love listening to.

Check out their top picks below.

1. Chaewon

“brutal” (Olivia Rodrigo)

First up, Chaewon chose a song by American pop star Olivia Rodrigo. “Brutal” is a rebellious track about teenage angst dressed in a fun melody that the former simply loves. It also matches her own character as the mood maker of the group.

I like rock songs, and this one gets me excited and makes me feel good every time I hear it.

— Chaewon

2. Yunjin

“Bonnie & Clyde” (DeVita)

DeVita’s “Bonny & Clyde” was released earlier this year. It is a soulful song that Yunjin couldn’t help but recommend due to the blissful way it makes her feel. Yunjin, in real life, is a sentimental and introspective person and thus it is not a surprise that she chose this song.

I love everything about this song from the melody to the lyrics. I’m recommending it because it’s a good song for autumn, which is also my favorite season. Somehow, it reminds me of lying back on a picnic blanket and watching the clouds slowly float across the wide expanse of the sky.

— Yunjin

3. Kazuha

“Beyond the Stars” by Dept feat. Ashley Alisha

Kazuha described “Beyond the Stars” by Dept and Ashley Alisha as a “great” song that she loved right away. Like Yunjin, it makes her picture the sky whenever she listens to it, reflecting her own simply beautiful character.

This duet is absolutely beautiful. I thought it was a great song from the first time I heard it. Then I listened to the lyrics more closely and found the words tender and beautiful—like I was staring into the sky. Make sure you listen to how lovely the lyrics are when you listen to the song!

— Kazuha

4. Sakura

“Good Parts (when the quality is bad but I am)” by LE SSERAFIM

Oldest member Sakura, known for her maturity, stood out by recommending the group’s song and not another artist’s. It was the B-Side track of their ANTIFRAGILE album where she contributed in the songwriting process, telling the story of the importance of self-love that she learned along her career journey.

This song comes off our new album and I helped write the lyrics. The song is about loving yourself even though you have good times, bad times and less-than-perfect times. I sympathized with that and found courage in it, and I think a lot of other people will, too.

— Sakura

5. Eunchae

“No Rules” by TXT

Last but certainly not the least, Eunchae stayed close to home with her recommendation of “No Rules” by fellow HYBE artist, TXT. The fun and energetic track matches her own image as the youthful maknae of LE SSERAFIM.

 I danced to this song when I was a trainee. It’s so cheerful and bouncy and the whole thing’s got a vibe that just makes me feel good and very excited. The choreography goes along well with the song, too. It’s really high energy and fun.

— Eunchae

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out LE SSERAFIM’s latest title track below.

Source: Weverse Magazine