LE SSERAFIM Yunjin’s Book Recommendations Prove That She’s Wise Beyond Her Years

She has a great view of life despite the hardships she’s endured.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin didn’t have an easy road to becoming a K-Pop idol. The idol first moved from the United States to South Korea to compete in Mnet‘s Produce 48. At the time, she was so passionate that she doesn’t remember much.

Actually, I don’t remember much about when I first got to Korea. It was so hectic and there were so many things I had to do, and I was feverishly passionate.

— Yunjin

Although she stunned Produce 48‘s viewers with her incredible vocal skill, she was eliminated in Episode 11 and left to face an uncertain future with PLEDIS Entertainment.

After the show ended, and I went back to the tranquil trainee life, I felt sort of lonely.

— Yunjin

Especially given the language barrier, Yunjin struggled to express herself the way she wanted.

I sometimes felt like I couldn’t convey my feelings properly no matter what I said because my family is all in the US now and I grew up speaking English. I wanted to express myself properly, but my Korean’s not that good. Plus there was no one around me who could speak English, so my English kept getting weirder.

— Yunjin

Despite the uncertainty of her future, Yunjin continued as a trainee to pursue her passion for music and felt incredibly grateful for the opportunity to finally debut in LE SSERAFIM.

I think I always subconsciously knew I could never live without music and performing. I think I couldn’t give up because I wanted to do music no matter what and be on stage no matter what.

— Yunjin

But despite all the obstacles she faced, Yunjin has an incredibly positive outlook on life. In a recent vlog, Yunjin shared some of the books she’s currently reading with fans.

1. You Are The Universe by Deepak Chopra and Means Kafatos

Yunjin explains that this book, in particular, helps reassure her about all the struggles that she has endured.

I think it was fate that I met our members. And all the things that I’ve done and decisions made until now happened for a reason. I believe everything that I went through is the universe’s way that led me to where I am now.

So the book talks about how everything happens for a reason.

— Yunjin

2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Yunjin’s second book helps encourage her to overcome her overthinking and stay present at any given moment.

It’s a great book too. It tells you why it’s important to live the moment to the fullest. If you have too many thoughts like me or worry too much, think too much about the future, or are stuck in the past this is a great book that can help you find inspiration.

— Yunjin

3. The Artist’s Journey by Kent Nerburn

The final book that Yunjin shares is about the philosophy behind art, and Yunjin relates to the desire of wanting to create art that can “positively influence the world.”

[Art] doesn’t always have to address or give advice about life to positively influence the world. ‘The genius of art is that it can meet us where we live.’ This phrase hits home for me.

— Yunjin

Although Yunjin just debuted, she already has an incredibly wise outlook on life, and fans can look forward to what art she will continue to create in the future.