Lee Jong Suk Had The Best Reactions To His Kiss Scenes With Han Hyo Joo

Lee Jong Suk is quite a shy person.

Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo had some amazing chemistry on W, where there were a lot of heartwarming moments.

Behind the scenes footage shows that the two can be extremely shy, especially when it comes to kissing scenes. On one occasion, the two couldn’t help but embrace each other due to their embarrassment.

After another take, the two couldn’t hide their embarrassment again. The two needed to do some extreme reactions to shake off the embarrassment. Han Hyo Joo hilariously left the room, while Lee Jong Suk just stared out the window.

On another occasion, it was Lee Jong Suk that had embarrassed reactions. After watching the take of the kiss scene, he couldn’t help but look away.

Lee Jong Suk even walked away from the camera, as he was too embarrassed by the take. Han Hyo Joo even teased Lee Jong Suk a little.

Here are the full videos below!