21 Reasons Why Lee Jong Suk Is The Dreamiest Guy in K-Drama

Stop making us feel this way!

Lee Jong Suk started capturing our hearts from the very beginning of his acting career in Prosecutor Princess, but over the years he’s proven himself to be one of the dreamiest guys in K-Drama history! He’s got amazing acting skills and an incredible ability to make everyone’s heart melt. Here are just a few of the reasons why Lee Jong Suk is the dreamiest!


1. He can pull off a tragic wig

You’ve got to hand it to Lee Jong Suk, he’s able to make even the worst looking wig look fabulous.


2. Plus he looks cute without even trying

How can a grown man look this adorable?


3. And this is when we knew our hearts were doomed

Seriously, how?


4. Who are we kidding our hearts were already long captured by moments like this

Okay, but who knew a guy could do the hair flick too. And Lee Jong Suk makes it look so good!


5. Then there is his reaction to Nam Hong Joo’s request in While You Were Sleeping

If I were her, I would want to see him too!


6. And his sweet interaction with an adorable baby in Doctor Stranger

Why does this make my heart flutter so much? Gosh darn it! It’s just too cute!


7. Who could forget this relatable AF moment in While You Were Sleeping?

Yep, Lee Jong Suk is definitely after our hearts!


8. Or maybe it’s the way he’s able to look so good after getting out of the shower

We all have to admit we were a little bit jealous of Suzy for getting to star alongside him.


9. Of course, his showers scenes are equally as amazing

Just one word, wow!


10. Then again shower scenes do give us moments like this…

Now I’m speechless!


11. Then there’s the way he looks at the female lead

If he didn’t already have the lead’s heart, he definitely does now!


12. It seriously just melts your heart

Ugh, he’s so bad for my heart!


13. And of course, how could we forget how protective he is

Like how his character protected Park Shin Hye’s character on Pinocchio.


14. Then there are those moments that are just so perfect, you just can’t deal with it

Like the moment when he fell asleep on Suzy’s shoulder in While You Were Sleeping!



15. He’s also able to make our hearts tear into a thousand pieces

You can just feel all the emotion in this scene from W.


16. Then again he can play a super fun character easily too!

Dal Po from Pinocchio anyone?


17. Turns out he’s really good at the flirty tease

Although stealing food is always frowned upon, Lee Jong Suk as Dal Po made it look so good.


18. Really, really good at it.

Okay, we know this scene was scripted but it’s honestly awesome!


19. Then there are the kiss scenes…

We have no words…


20. Which are almost too hot to handle!

Just enjoy!


21. And of course, he’s just as amazing off screen

Just look at how adorable he is dancing to PSY’s “New Face” at a fan meeting!