Let’s Take A Blast From The Past With 35 Photos Of BTS From The “N.O” Era

They’ve grown so much over the years.

With BTS‘s new comeback, they have focused on the past seven years of their careers and how they have evolved into the people they are today. Let’s take a blast from the past and take a look at what they were doing seven years ago. Here’s a collection of photos from their promotions for the “N.O” era.

1. October 20, 2013 @ Inkigayo Jungkook catching the sunlight

2. Stretching after getting up from a nap

3. Jimin, you okay buddy?

4. Monitoring their performance

5. Maknae taking photos of his hyungs

6. J-Hope “taking” a photo of Jimin?

7. Sad that it’s their last performance for promotions

8. Jimin and RM showing off their swag

9. Visuals, visuals, visuals!

10. October 16, 2013 @ Show Champion

94ers with Maknae featuring V with the dryer in the back

11. Jimin isn’t this a standing up picture?

12. October 4, 2013 @ Music Bank

Cute brothers

13. Chic is the concept here

14. What are they up to now?

15. The stylist helped Jimin get up there

16. Jin and his wide shoulders

17. Watching other groups performances on the monitor

18. J-Hope and his perfect side-profile

19. October 11, 2013 @ Music Bank

Can you say swag?

20. October 18, 2013 @ Music Bank

Suga is sad that it’s the last performance

21. V and Jungkook were special behind-the-scene hosts this day.

22. How cute are the maknaes?

23. RM and Jin were invited to a fashion show

24. Can’t believe it’s already our last performance

25. September 30, 2013 @Arirang TV

Being one with the music

26. Jin and V laughing at RM’s seriousness

27. Such a pretty autumn day

28. Who is holding onto Jungkook in this picture?

29. Who has Jungkook drawn on the whiteboard?

30. Taking a picture by the window because he liked the view

31. October 4, 2013 @ Music Bank

Are you ready?

32. Bunny V

33. 95ers having fun

34. The mood makers of the group!

35. October 11, 2013 @ Music Bank

This concept is an avant garde style look

What’s your favorite BTS era?