Life Lessons From SHINee That We Totally Need To Hear Right Now

Take it from these guys, they know what they’re talking about!

Being a public figure, whether it be a K-Pop idol or an actor, the way they present themselves to the public can become a huge influence to many people. SHINee has been known to be an idol group that has influenced people and fans over the years through their experience growing up in the K-Pop industry.

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Let’s take a look at some wise words from the boys!


When there’s too many things going through my mind, I try to find a hobby or something that I can focus on to distract myself. I think it’s more important to have fun that to just work hard. If I enjoy the work that I’m doing, then others will like it too. This might be difficult right now but it’ll get easier. There will be a day when you reminisce this phase in your life. Everything will and is already working out.

⁠— Onew

I would tell myself to look for what makes you happy and put your effort into those things. Don’t do just what’s right in front of you, but find what brings you a certain degree of happiness and work on that. For me, I’m not the kind of person that thinks of what I need to do and set my paths accordingly. According to a given situation at a specific time, I would make the best decision out of the options afforded to me at the time. But to have a goal in mind, to find at least one thing that will make me happy and do that, I think is good.

⁠— Onew

When asked about embarrassing moments from the past, Onew stated that he doesn’t have any.

In my opinion, our behaviors from the past were appropriate for that age and time in our life.

⁠— Onew


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Minho is known for his positive personality and makes any bad situation into a learning experience.

My flight was supposed to be at 3:30 PM but I missed it. This situation is very fun to me. Since there is really nothing I can do about it, I don’t see the point in stressing out. Plus that makes time go by slower. I like to be optimistic.

⁠— Minho

I feel like it’s better to debut when you’re young and innocent because there are so many great memories from back then. Although there could be moments that make me cringe if I look back now, but my past self is still a part of me. That version of me made me become who I am today. Plus there are people that liked the young version of me and became my fan. At first I thought my past was a little embarrassing, but now my past is something I like to boast about. I feel so blessed to have my young self recorded through lots of pictures and videos.

⁠— Minho


Even with his busy schedule, he was known to read around 2-3 book per month.

I try to read a lot of books normally. I have a lot of time spent on transportation so I try to use that time efficiently by reading.

⁠— Jonghyun

He also emphasized the importance of family and staying connected even when you are busy or tired.

Although everything in my life revolves around my family, it can be difficult to see them when I’m busy. So I try to make up for that by calling them more frequently. Even if you’re physically worn out, I think it’s important to greet your family with a smile. Many people would go home to complain or suddenly lash out at their mom for no reason.

⁠— Jonghyun

The chemistry among the members balanced out perfectly as they were all understanding and respectful of one another.

All of our members are very considerate of each other. We all understand and acknowledge our different personalities. When we’re working on an album we all try to average out our differences so we never have problems promoting together.

⁠— Jonghyun


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My current dream at age 25 is to be creative in what I do. There’s an ideal image a singer can have. Although that image is not something I can clearly describe to someone, it’s an image that I know and want to be satisfied with.

⁠— Taemin

He lets people know that it’s always best to prepared ahead of time because we never know when opportunity comes knocking on our door.

I feel like there is a lot of unfairness. How some people luckily meet their chances at a perfect time in their life, while others who are also prepared and ready for that chance never get the opportunity? However, I think the first step is to be ready to grab that chance when it comes, even if that opportunity is not in front of you. You must be prepared ahead of time.

⁠— Taemin

He advises the younger generation to value the time they are given instead of wanting to grow up quickly.

Aging simply means that time has passed. People older than you may look cooler because they’ve had more experiences, but you also have the time to gain those experiences. You need to value the time you’re given.

⁠— Taemin


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For people who need fashion advice, Key assures them not everyone enjoys fashion and that they shouldn’t confine to what everyone else is doing.

To people like this I always tell them that there’s no need for everyone to like fashion. Not liking fashion is who they are so they don’t need to try and change that part of them. So I don’t want to give stress by forcing a certain style on them.

⁠— Key

Key emphasizes the importance of self-improvement in order to prove your talent through action instead of just by mouth.

I feel like celebrities have many ways to prove their skills such as through broadcasts or social media. Those talents could be singing, dancing, fashion, etc. But to become someone who can really take part in leading and advancing that area, just telling people I know this much is not going to be enough to persuade them. I need to show them evidence so I want to formally study to further polish my skills and abilities.

⁠— Key

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