Here Are The Line Distribution Of All 15 Of GFRIEND’s Most Popular Singles To See Just How Fair They Are

Some of GFRIEND’s members definitely have more lines than others…

GFRIEND‘s 6 members are all extremely talented, whether in vocals, rapping, dancing, or some combination of the three. Because of this, you would think that they’d have an even line distribution, but that’s not quite the case. Below are the line distributions, by percentage, of each member from GFRIEND’s 15 main singles, as well as the total percentage of lines each member has from all of them. Check out who has the most and least amount of lines!

1. “Glass Bead”

2. “Me Gustas Tu”

3. “Rough”

4. “Navillera”

5. “Fingertip”

6. “Love Whisper”

7. “Summer Rain”

8. “Time for the Moon Night”

9. “Sunny Summer”

10. “Memoria”

11. “Sunrise”

12. “Flower”

13. “Fever”

14. “Fallin’ Light”

15. “Crossroads”